While Many Avoided Travelling To Ukraine One Family Stayed To Help Through A War And Terror, Now You Can Help Them Battle COVID-19

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During the war between Russia and Ukraine travel advisories were declared and people stopped taking cheap flights via Ukraine. While many people left Ukraine a Chabad Shliach stayed and endured War, Terror, and now COVID-19.

Please donate at https://helpabrother.rallybound.org to help them recover, reconnect, and rebuild amidst tremendous adversity.

In the past few years, Rabbi Mendel Cohen, his family, and community have endured the rockets of war, the bitterness of hunger, and the terror of anti-semitism. Earlier this year, his community was shaken when a man armed with an axe broke into the Chabad facilities in Mariupol with the intention to harm Jews at prayer. Thank G-d, the attack was prevented by a security guard who disarmed the man before anyone was hurt.

The only synagogue in Mariupol, Rabbi Cohen’s fearless determination and self sacrifice has led his community through all hardship―meeting the emotional, spiritual, and material needs of his people no matter how difficult.

Throughout the pandemic, Rabbi Cohen and his family have provided humanitarian relief to the entire community, from hot food, medicine, and medical assistance for the elderly, to helping families in need receive psychological treatment, dental care, and educational support.

“The Rabbi sincerely worried about each one of us,” explains Lеоnid Bliachman, community member. “Although he was in a very tough situation, he would find strength to stay in touch with everyone, to inquire about health conditions, and to check how he could help.”

Now, his wife and five children find themselves burdened with tremendous emotional and financial difficulty, as he fights to regain his health and overcome this terrible disease.

We are one people. One family. Today, we ask you step-up and stand strong for one of our family members in need―our brother, who has endured so much for the well being of others.

Please join now at https://helpabrother.rallybound.org/ and help the Cohen family raise $200,000 to recover, reconnect, and rebuild their community and their lives.

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