Magnetic Car Vent Mount Holder For Just $4.99 Shipped From Flash Steals!

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Magnetic Car Vent Mount Holder For Just $4.99 Shipped From Flash Steals!

Use code: 82370364833

-Suitable for any cell phone or navigation device
-Unique magnetic surface to easily attach any device
-Does not leave marks on the device
-Can be washed under running water
-Adjustable 360 degrees for comfortable viewing

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Judah Levi

I ordered this on Amazon last month for $12, I picked some more up here thank you.


@Judah Levi:
Do you like it? Does it work well?


If I wouldn’t have to login I would have bought it.


so I bought 2 of them the last time u posted this deal and now that we got the new iphone 7 I see that the magnet doesn’t come off the phone…does that mean I need to buy a new one every time I get a new phone?


Is there a shipping fee to Brooklyn NY?


I just ordered 2 of them and the total after shipping was $9.98

Stuart Stein

Us it reusable or only one device?


Does this work with a cell phone case?


I would buy some if i wouldn’t have to log in.


Sold out


@ELDO: @Sos:
Who cares, they sold out without you loging in !


@Dave: I see it still available


Back in stock.


@Judah Levi:
how well does it work compared to the amazon one?


I bought one last Tuesday and have yet to hear from them
order was confirmed and thats it…

I emailed them and they dont respond with the shipping info

Are they a trustworthy vendor?
has Dansdeals ever used them before?

yes I know its only 5 bucks…


Just received mine today, works very well. I put it behind my case and it still works. No need to stick the magnet on your phone if you have a case just put it behind the case.


Just tried them and installed in my car, works very well. Grabbed 2 more thanks


@BZ: Nine days since order status shows ‘fulfilled’, and DHL still says they don’t have it. I’m starting to have my doubts about this company.


Still waiting for mine


Still waiting for mine.


Still waiting for mine….


@D2: @SHULY: @David: @B: Can you please provide me with your order numbers so I can check if they’ve been delivered or if a reshipment is needed.


Order #6468


@FlashSteals: @B: @David: @SHULYPlease reach me directly at and will ensure you’re taken care of if you haven’t received your order. Thanks!


@FlashSteals: order #6468


Never received my order either. Order # 6424.


@Anonymous: they never answered it’s just a another way of PR…


@Anonymous: Hi, can you please email me at I’ll assure you’re taken care of and check the status of your order. Please include your order number in the email.



Jack, I sent you an emaail 5 days ago with my order # and I still have not heard back from you.


@yyk: ama’s here !…


@yyk: Hi, can you please provide me your order number I’m not seeing any outstanding emails that weren’t responded too?



@Jack: send out all the orders not just the ones people complained about!

Never Again

Dan, I know this is a paid advertisement, but you should lnow this company seems to be a fraud. They do not deliver on their orders unless you really scream and yell (if you can reach someone that is) and even then, it can take a month or more for delivery, and even then, there can be issues. I only received one of the two items I ordered, along with an email “confirming” that “the last item in my order was delivered”. And this is even with the help of @jack who replied to this post earlier. There’s no one to talk to and for such a low amount it’s really not worth alll the aggravation, but I think your other fans should be spared for the future. I think the only thing that makes a difference these days is online comments and reviews, and I wish I would have read theirs before I ordered, including the failing BBB rating.
I’m including my email address so you can contact me to verify everything I’m telling you. I have complete records of all my email conversations with all their reps.


@Never Again: fully with you


@Jack don’t try to bribe me by sending me more pieces than I ordered

Dan Fan

@Never Again, I am fully with you, I waited weeks to get my order, the magnetic car vent doesn’t even work a simple iPhone is too heavy for it to work. If I would have been bird I would have disputed my charge.