Last Day: The Tesla Model S Is Up For Grabs In The Chicago Chesed Fund Raffle!


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Online entries for the raffle drawings will close today at 9:15pm EDT.

The award-winning Tesla Model S is now within your reach! The all-electric luxury sedan, valued at $80,000, is the prize being offered by The Chicago Chesed Fund for their raffle, which will be drawn on Labor Day.

The winner can also choose to cash in on $50,000 instead. The organization has capped entries at 3,999. So enter now!

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@dan Do you personally know of this charity?


PSA: You must be 21 to enter.

Shlomo Zalman

You have a one out of 3,999 chance of winning so you definitely need to be comfortable when you give $100 or more to tzedakah, and yes, they are a very worthy cause to give your tzedakah money to!!


the chicago chesed fund is a fantastic organization. Just one of their things is that they have warehouses of stuff for those in need.


@Shlomo Zalman
YOu have a LEAST a one out of 3,999 chance of winnning, as that is the MAXIMUM number of tickets that will be sold. Since they are still for sale, obviously all tickets have not been sold yet.


@21: @21: you do not have to be 21 to enter.


Anybody know of this can be tax detectable? Or because it’s a raffle it can’t be. Thanks

Eli W

Hey everyone,

I am personally involved with this organization. Yes, all donations are tax deductible, although check with your accountant if you actually win – I believe it would no longer be tax deductible. The Chicago Chesed Fund provides much needed assistance to hundreds of Chicago families with a fully stocked food pantry, bill assistance, tuition assistance, low cost general merchandise, meat for Yom Tov, and I can go on an on. The organization is run by R’ Shmuel Feurst and his son R’ Yossi who are world renowned for their work on behalf of the Klal.

There are only a few hours left to donate as the raffle closes at 8:15pm CST today – Labor Day.

For those of you who live in Chicago, there will be a benefit BBQ at the Chesed Fund building today beginning at 6:30pm, and the raffle drawing will be at 8:30pm CST.

Good luck!



Great to see that you work for the organization!


Who won??

Meir K

Congratulations to Elan Magence from Chicago IL