Join The Miles For Life Registry Today And You Can Help Save A Life With Your Miles!

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Your mileage account can be the equivalent to a blood bank in terms of saving a life!

MFL pairs allocated miles to a potential match in terms of flight to miles compatibility and maximizing the usage of every mile. Unlike any other organization, no dollar of your ‘donation’ gets subsidized for staff or marketing budgets. Every single mile given is a lifeline for those who need to fly to their quest for a cure.

MFL really does give your miles a set of wings, for example a patient that needs a last minute flight from NYC to the Cleveland Clinic could have to pay as much as $585 in airfare, but your miles can cover that ticket for a mere 7,500 British Airway Avios.

It’s just another way of seeing the exponential Blessings when we are united to save lives.

Instead of just saving miles for a rainy day or another getaway via air travel, save those miles for Miles for Life. Let the mileage take off, like angels in the sky, spreading their wings toward refuahs and yeshuos for all of Klal Yisroel!

How it works:

Step 1:  Members provide what type of miles they have along with how many they’re willing to donate.

Step 2: MFL tracks the information in the mileage database.

Step 3: When a ticket is needed, an experienced agent matches the mileage that the best fit for that required ticket, based on travel needed for the patient and family.

Step 4: Based on the contact information in our database, the best match is found, and they are then contacted to approve the mileage transfer.

Step 5:  Upon approval, the lifesaving match is made and a ticket is granted to the patient and family.

Join the Registry today here!

If you donate your points from Aeroplan, they will match 10% on each donation!

Got American Express points to transfer to Aeroplan/Aircanda? You can do that here.

Once your points are in the Aeroplan account you donate them via this link!

You can also transfer from Capital One Spark Cards here.

Got any Airline vouches,e-credits or Airline gift cards and willing to donate? email them to:

Join the miles registry today and you can help save a life!

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MFL was there for me for a number of trips that I needed in search of a diagnosis and plan to treat my debilitating pain. They saved me a lot of $ at a time when Dr bills and other related expenses were piling up. Thank you MFL, and thank you to all who donate to make the MFL magic happen!


Kanfei CHAIM Is Truly As Their Name suggessts. The are life saver’s. Anyone who can please help them out

cancer free bec of miles for life

my 2 yr old nephew needed to get to boston to have a surgery to save his life. thanks to kanfei chaim, he was transported with his parents from ny to mas. they worked round the clock to arrange all the logistics and paid for the trip while the family was in dire need of help. this organization works for a great cause!

D Seitler

Wow! מי כעמך ישראל!


These people are literally life savers! I have no words. When I had to worry about medical bills out of state at least one thing I did not have to worry about. They do it so gladly, no questions asked, and make sure you and your family are the most comfortable possible!