Introducing The Grand Sefer Torah Experience: Your Chance To Win The Opportunity Of A Lifetime!

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Winning your very own Sefer Torah, touring Israel, and meeting Torah leaders sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

With The Grand Sefer Torah Experience, it can all be yours! This exciting new raffle campaign is your chance to win a Torah scroll written by a master sofer, for you to use as you please.

Want the honor of donating it to your local synagogue? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to start a congregation of your own? It’s your Sefer Torah, so it’s up to you!

Fulfilling the mitzvah of writing a Torah is one of the greatest you can achieve. By winning The Grand Sefer Torah Experience, you can win that mitzvah!

In addition, you’ll have the chance to meet Torah leaders across Israel, each of whom will write a letter in the scroll. It’s an experience that is sure to make memories for a lifetime, and a tremendous z’chut.

Final week for the Early Bird Special!

Every purchase prior to June 30th enters you into an additional raffle with the chance to win two plane tickets to Israel! Hurry! This special offer expires soon!

Raffle proceeds go on to support the City of Emanuel, a community is Israel that is currently experiencing rapid expansion. Emanuel is on a mission to grow their vision, expand the city, and to provide a high quality of life that doesn’t compromise on Torah values for its growing community.

Emanuel is seeking to construct the Netivot Shalom Torah Center, which will include a Batei Knesiot for prayers to be held, a Batei Midrashot open to the community, a “chessed kitchen,” and more!

Enter to Win YOUR Sefer Torah TODAY at!

Drawing Date: August 14th, right after Tu B’Av.

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sounds really cool!

Ester Ezra

What an honor wow I would love to win that and open for my father his own shul in Tibirias its my dream and he is getting old I wish i can fulfill that dream Amen!!!