PSA: Warning Before You Buy From KosherCorks, BingoKosherWine, And KosherKases

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Warning #2: The owner of KosherCorks has now opened BingoKosherWine and KosherKases. Caveat Emptor!

Warning: Many readers have reported that they did not receive their order from this advertiser. Be sure to contact the advertiser to work things out or else you can contact your credit card bank to file a dispute.

Please note: This is a paid advertisement.

Huge Wine Sale At KosherCorks And An Exclusive Discounts Code For DansDeals Readers!

Save 10% off sitewide with code: DD10

You must enter the code above to receive the prices listed below!

Shipping is free on all orders of 12+ bottles!

Shop 750ml bottles from just $3.32!

Sample deals:

  • Bartenura Moscato: $8.99
  • Bartenura Moscato (Gift): $8.99
  • Kesser: $3.32
  • Rashi- Light Pink Concord: $3.50
  • Teal Lake- Moscato D’aussie: $5.39
  • Joyvin Red: $5.66
  • Teperberg- Vision Series Cabernet Sauvignon: $7.19
  • Barkan – Classic Cabernet Sauvignon: $8.09
  • Jeunesse – Black Muscat: $8.54
  • Jeunesse – Cabrinet Sauvignon: $8.54
  • Segal’s – Fusion (m)- Red – Merlot / Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauv: $11.24
  • Teperberg- iMpression Series Cabernet Sauvignon: $13.04
  • Psagot- Sinai: $14.84
  • Binyamina – Special Reserve- Cabernet Sauvignon: $15.29
  • Capcanes-peraj Petita: $15.30
  • Sparkling- Moscato Rose: $17.09
  • Shiloh- Privilege: $17.99
  • Isaac’s Ram Cabernet 2012: $19.69
  • Psagot- Cabernet Sauvignon – Mevushal: $23.39
  • Psagot- Cabernet Sauvignon: $23.39
  • Herzog Special Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: $28.79
  • Shiloh- Merlot Secret Reserve: $29.69
  • Shiloh- Cabernet Sauvignon: $31.04
  • Shiloh- Cabernet Sauvignon Secret Reserve Mevushal: $31.49
  • Capcanes- Peraj Ha’abib: $44.99
  • Yatir Winery- Cabernet Sauvignon: $35.99
  • Binyamina- The Cave: $59.39
  • Flam Reserve- Merlot: $50.39
  • Flam Reserve- Cabernet Sauvignon: $52.19
  • Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne: $53.99
  • Segal’s – Unfiltered- Cabernet Sauvignon: $62.99

We ship to all states except:

Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts , Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah.

Dan’s note: Psagot- Cabernet Sauvignon: $23.39, Shiloh- Cabernet Sauvignon Secret Reserve Mevushal: $31.49 , Herzog Special Reserve Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: $28.79, Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne: $53.99, and of course Bartenura Moscato: $8.99 are all fantastic bottles and are a great price with this sale.

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Why no Maryland shipping???


No Michigan either.

Looks like they have something against states whose names begin with an M.


According to their website it is due to regulations dating back to the prohibition era.


Site works TOO SLOW to place an order


Site Down!


Keep on getting server error on site.


The site crashed like the DOW today!


good prices. shame the site is down.


Great prices – shame they don’t ship to Maryland!


Working for me got 9 bottles 7 Kedem and 2 bartenura for 47.37 after tax


Shipping seems free on just 6 bottles for NY and NJ!


Really good prices


Yeah need some wine after the Dow today… : )


Worked for me. Good timing, was running low. I appreciate these online kosher wine merchants… but the shipping often negates the value, so I buy local. The free shipping here is huge. Now I get good pricing and the convenience of home delivery. L’Kavod Shabbos V’Yom Tov!


What are some good Purim wines (easy to drink with a hit)


How long do you think it’ll be until they ship out the NY/NJ deals?

Bernie Kozlovsky

I do not understand why certain wine distributors can not deliver to Maryland. I know the laws in Maryland were changed several years ago and I have received several cases of mail order wine delivered to my home since then. Can someone clarify why some shippers can ship to Maryland and some apparently can not?


Each state you ship to requires the seller to apply for a license to ship alcohol to that state. Some states are easy and cheap, some are very complicated and expensive. And some states you can’t ship to at all


Trying to check out… All shipping options are unavailable.. I am in NY… why?

Kosher Wine!

Thanks for this! Just made a huge order 🙂


I’m sorry but this website is horrible . They need to fix it up . I’ve never been more annoyed in my life from trying to find an item and placing an order .


You are 1 lucky person. ……


lol +1


Just ordered 24 bottles bartanura, thanks Daniel


How is the Isaac’s Ram Cabernet 2012 ?
How it’s so cheap ?




When does the promo expire?


What is estimated delivery for NY


”Free Delivery in New York area for all orders and Free Ground Shipping for orders with 12 or more bottles”


I hope they’re still around with similar prices closer to Pesach! Will be much cheaper and way more convenient than anything else!


Pesach is next month, what are you waiting for exactly?


A clean place to store Pesach food 🙂


….Waiting for a wine website with reliable and consistent functionality


Found website very easy and fast to use. Good deal thanks!


Great pricing, nice selection. Just got my wine for the seder. Cave 65.99


Wrong! Cave is $59


Wow! Amazing deal on Shiloh- Cabernet Sauvignon Secret Reserve Mevushal: $31.49. My local distributor sells it to stores for $30 a bottle. Bought a case – and a case of Moscato!


so how $31.49 is an amazing deal compare to $30 !?!?!?!

i am confused ..


If stores are buying for $30, then retail price of $31.49 is great.


Oh I missed ” distributor ” ..


Good prices but annoyed that they don’t list the production year for the wine – very important, as some years are better than others. I emailed and they did respond, but it’d be much easier if they had that info on their website.


Yup, the descriptions for their wines is nonexistent. They must fix this issue


How long does customer service take to respond to an email


Site worked great..excellent selection…very good prices..and free shipping. All Passover wines taken care of in one step…FANTASTIC!


When is this code expiring?


Any chance you would consider shipping across the border to Toronto? Even with the exchange rate these are great prices.

not comfortable shopper

did anyone receive his order


Did anyone receive a tracking number?


Just placed my order, 12 bottles for Pesach. Dd10 code worked, got my discount AND confirmation number. Thanx, Dan.


They just refunded the order for some reason


Why? What reason did they give? When did u place your order? How do u know it was refunded?


They didn’t give a reason, placed the order yesterday and got an email that it was refunded today – they didn’t explain anything…


Received order today this is awesome


Where are you located? Did anyone in NJ get their wine?


I just placed an order now and used the DD10 code, and they accepted it, and took off the 10%. Great Deal—thanks Dan!


Sadly, the prices have gone up. Wanted to place an order for a case of Moscato, but they’re up to 10.99 a bottle. Will pass for now.


They charged the credit card right away but do not ship out of state for another 5-7 business days. This is not the way I have shopped online for anything in the past.


Has anyone received their order? My cc was charged for $748, but no communication about shipping or delivery


I just emailed them asking when I could expect my order and they responded via email 3 minutes later:

“All orders are sent out within 5 to 7 business days your order should be released in the next 24 hours”


Placed order last week. CC charged same day. Website showed order “shipped” as of 2 days ago. Today I emailed them, they responded saying it will be shipped tomorrow. Not ehrlich.


Does anyone have a phone number for them? They don’t seem too responsive to emails.


Has anyone received their orders?? Or shipping confirmation??
Seems everyone is getting the same emails, but would love to know if anyone has received their order.


Never received my order either. Placed it on the 6th


Did you try emailing them?


Either he was not prepared for the volume of business or something is askew. Too busy to send confirmation numbers to customers after Fed Ex picked up 1000 cases? Emes or Sheker? E mails are responded to but not helpful to the customer. Not an auspicious start.


They called me last week, 2/7 to tell me that a bottle in my order was out of stock and the order would ship on Monday 2/12 when it was back in stock. It still shows as not being shipped and I have e-mailed asking for an update, getting ready to ask for a refund so I can order something from another website that will be in before Purim. I think they might have bitten off more than they could chew at the launch of their site.


They do seem overwhelmed. Try calling and emailing again?


Are they overwhelmed or are they not sending out the orders? Has anyone received their order?

No wine

Finally received my order.


Received my order


I received my case on 2/18


Received my order today. Took a bit longer than I had expected, but it’s a new company and they probably got tons of orders. Can’t really blame them


I am unable to contact anyone on their site. I paid for a delivery and have received nothing. they don’t reply to my emails


I placed my order on Feb. 6th. & as of today Feb. 19th i have not received my order yet.
I emailed them. finally someone called me back, said its on the truck but still did not receive anything…… This is not good !!!!


I got an email with a tracking number last week, but apparently it was shipped to the wrong city :-O
Let’s see what happens.


Guys, i think its unfair to criticize them at these prices. They are obviously very overwhelmed and if you Dont have the Savlunat to wait for these fantastic prices you can obviously go to your local store and pay 20-30% more. at the end of the day they are trying their best, they obviously weren’t prepared for this volume, i would infidelity give them another chance

here’s my experience, i ordered 20 bottles on the 6th, they called me on the 18th that they are out of stock on 3 bottles that was $23 they offed to replace it with Herzog Alexander Valley a $32 bottle ( no complain there). It was delivered today, there was one bottle missing, i Emailed them they responded a few minutes later that will send it out right away, i call that great customer service.


The sale prices are great and delays would be fine except that when they call and tell you something they need to follow through. They have called and told me one thing, e-mailed and said another and both times they have failed to meet the commitments that they made. I don’t mind growing pains but when you say you’ll do something you need to get it done. I am now 16 days after I placed my order and I still don’t even have tracking information. How long would you wait without your order or shipping confirmation (mind you there is no cancel or refund button on their site and they aren’t responding to my e-mails now) before you make a credit card dispute? Even for a new site there is a point that they are below acceptable standard, and I would have ordered from another site for slightly more if I had thought it would take 3+ weeks to get my order (and possibly get it after Purim).


I cancelled my order, placed and charged on Feb 5 and still no tracking#. If it wasn’t charged to my cc, I’d cut them some slack.

thirsty for wine

I received half my order…….


got it The whole order!


Received part of my order.
orderered 7 cases. only got 3. 1 in a garbage bag all wet. seems like some bottles broke.
they ship it in the standard box. not in a protected box like the other sites – kosher wine and j wines.
can’t comlain with these prices but only if i actually get it and in a timely matter which both tose things did not happen. they claim they will reship overnight it tomorrow. hope it arrives in time and unbroken.


I would award them with “Worst Customer Service Ever” award. My experience with this vendor was absolutely horrible. After so many phone calls and emails back and forth and a terrible attitude as if you owe them for ordering from them and not receiving you full order. All the lies and different answers all the has made me sick of them. I will never order from the vendor again! I will dispute the amount for the rest of the order they still didn’t deliver after more than 3 weeks. (BTW, they charge a sales tax of 10%

Still waiting

I am still waiting. We had 2 correspondence via email and they are now not responding. Not sure what it means. Still no tracking number. It’ll be an absolute waste to receive after purim.


I had placed 2 orders and was told one would arrive before this past weekend and other by Sunday. (NJ delivery) They both have not been delivered.
I called the number posted here and he said they will both be delivered today. will wait and see. The prices are great, but i ordered most of it for Purim. Will keep you posted..

Still waiting

Where is the number to call? Maybe i can get some info regarding my order as well…


Got my order! 2 bottles were switched but with better product! Guy said he has tons still to deliver today all across jersey!

Well worth the wait for these prices!

Phone number was posted up this thread.


I ordered wine for Pesach…order went through just fine. Then site showed my order as shipped, but I never got a tracking number. I emailed them repeatedly and didn’t get anywhere. So I cancelled with AEX, and emailed KosherCorks that I was cancelling due to their poor response and lack of customer service.
Wound up buying from Jwines at slightly higher prices, but at least I know the wine will be delivered.


Never got order from weeks ago, constant promises of sending tracking number, reporting this to credit card company.

Kosher Corks

Still waiting on order…received over 10 promises that they are looking into it and its being overnighted etc…but still have nada! I dont know how this company can survive with such poor service. cheaper prices isn’t everything. I feel bad to chargeback on a jewish company but they should know better not to charge before shipping out.

Still Thirsty for Wine

I got half my order. I emailed them and they told em they would get back to me. After not hearing back, I called them and was told that they would get back to me. After still not hearing from them, I called my credit card and disputed the charge.


Missing case not replaced despite text message, voice mail, email and live phone call over the past 2 weeks. Waited 3 more days after live phone call and have initiated charge back on the credit card for the missing case of wine (1/3 of order in price). They probably lost money with their shipping costs but they should have put the original case in a plain box with bubble wrap to at least lessen the risk of theft or breakage during shipping. The other online wine companies are way more reliable and much easier to work with. I am willing to pay for the excellent service the other companies provide.


No three weeks after having ordered and received nothing. Never provided any shipping information, tracking number etc. Three calls and seven emails later I have been told “I’m home with the flu”, “Promises to have someone look into it” no followup response that ever states anything other than they’re looking into it and will get back to me. They haven’t.

Contacting visa next to dispute the charge

Dan, The biggest favor you could do would be to blacklist this company and spare your readers.


I ordered a case of wine and after 3 weeks and 9 emails i received 7 bottles. I emailed them requesting the other 5 bottles and 6 more emails with promises of the other 5 being shipped. They asked me to email them which bottles are missing which i did. I have heard nothing since then with me sending 3 additional emails. Can i charge back a partial order?.


Ordered on Feb 5 never got my order.


Scam- stay away! Placed an order march 9th. Order just got canceled!!


Have two orders with Kosher Corks… One showed shipped when I ordered the second. Never was delivered . Asked for tracking info send me tracking numbers from UPS but when tracked they indicate a shipping label has been made out and waiting for UPS pickup. This has been going on about 10 days now. Brandon Emails me but no results.

Brandon if you read this send me my order!!!!!!


ordered on feb 18th. emailed him a few times he claimed once he was shipping it that day but he never did. im still waiting for it 2 months later. complete scam.

Stay Away

Unfortunately I have had a similar bad experience with them as well. I have initiated a chargeback with them for the disputed amount.
Thankfully Dan has the wisdom to decline their ad this time around, and they have taken to advertising their scam on another deal site.


Code doesnt work


Originally, I had received the wrong bottles. Brandon addressed my issue and sent me the correct wine. He told me to keep the original wine. Thanks for taking care of my issue and all the extra wine.

Jody Eisenman

This place is a complete scam. I ordered 5 weeks ago. They charged my card immediately. I never received anything despite numerous phone calls (they never answer their phones) and emails.





First time I ordered through them I received my order very late but it came. This time around it never showed up. I disputed with AmEx and got money back. Do not suggest buying from this site. A lot of bad reviews about it being a scam.


Never buy from this site. They consistently lie, fail to honor promises and take no ownership of the situation. It’s not worth it. Just go and buy from your local wine place and save the hassle and endless emails.


Placed an order end of Nov, it’s currently January and email responses to my inquiries just claim that it’s ready for delivery time and time again. The order and web site clearly said it would be FedEx shipping and by email it was stated that they only do delivery themselves. Thanks Dan’s for pointing us towards this scam artist …


Why didn’t you read the red Disclaimer on top of this post that has been there since June???


Why’s the advertisement and link still active? I would hope that you would remove such disreputable items from your site that has been quite helpful!


So that people have a place to discuss it rather than not have a place to discuss.

Did you really just happen to see an ad from 11 months ago and buy an item from it without seeing the disclaimer????
Or are you just looking for someone to blame?
Have you filed a chargeback yet with your credit card?


I ordered and only saw this on this site now, but still shouldn’t continue linking to a scam site imho


If I deleted it then people would be mad that I deleted it without leaving the PSA up there.


This is the worst online store ever! First time I ordered it took a month to arrive and then only after repeated e mails and phone calls. I was assured that they were experiencing “growing pains” and that they now had their act together. Stupidly believed them and ordered again. It’s now 5 weeks later and order still not here. Someone named Brandon continually answers my e mails with “on the way, will be there by Friday, will make it a priority,” and much more. This company is a sham and NO ONE should ever use them!!


This is some kind of a fraud. Their goal is not selling wine online. If the business was so much over their heads they would not continue bombarding with more ridiculous coupons.
I ordered form the not so kosher crooks on 11/26. They charged my card on 12/14 As of 1/12/19 the order have not arrived. Like others said the Liar named Brandon forwards your email wit demand to ship the order, then he starts sending blanket replies that they process and ship the order between 5-7 business days which is hysterical when you are communicating with the guy 28 business days later. So the guy who answers you first is someone Brandon Belmonte bb@goempirewine,com. The emails he forwards his pleas of “Send order xxxx out immediately” are and I actually merited to get a phone call from this guy the number came through as 860-618-5771. He promised to find everything out and call back, which obviously never happened. I continued emailing this guy, but the answers reverted to being ridiculous “we ship all orders within 5-7 business days”
I discovered that these crooks have a facebook page so I rated them and posted a comment that they must be involved in some fraud or money laundering scam as they clearly do not care about their reputation as a regular business would. I think there is a decent possibility that they just want to deprive reputable online kosher wine sites of business. By advertising crazy sales and then stringing people along with unfulfilled orders. People fill like they made an order and they will not make another on-line order. Another possibility is some kind of a money laundering scam. Immediately after posting this comment I got a phone call from a second not so kosher crook someone named Mike who told me that on that day Fri Jan 4 he personally took my order to the shipping center and added 6 bottles of Cave as a compensation :))) . He promised to provide tracking number after the weekend. Lies lies and more lies. This crook’s number is 917-612-6686. Of course by this time I disputed the charge with my cc, but these crooks have to be investigated. Looks like they removed their FB page or restricted it somehow to not show to some people. I am mystified what is the point of such lies that the order was shipped and he added 6 bottles of Cave. What would he gain from this 3-5 more days until I realize it was all a lie?


Has anyone ordered from them recently and got their order? I placed an order over a month ago and I see the charge on my cc but the wines were never shipped. I tried calling them but the number is disconnected and they don’t respond to email either!


Appears to be a scam site, avoid at all costs !!!!


I put in an order on 12/31. Have had countless emails from them, but as yet, nothing has been delivered. I have spoke to people on one of my whatsapp groups and no-one has seen a delivery. Buyer beware.


Missed the disclaimer in this post?


People are coming here to give a review and to complain. There are no other places with reviews because the company deleted their Facebook page and all the negative reviews with it.


These guys are scammers. they will charge your card and not send your order.
Some guy Brandon Delmonte (Google him, long list of scams) will send you apology emails saying “It is with the courier and will be delivered tomorrow” and of course it never comes. me and all the people who ordered along with me have made our orders nearly 3 months ago and are still getting the runaround.
If you try to call him out on it he will finally show his true colors with profanity and aggression which i cannot repeat on this site.

PS: I did not order it through Dansdeals so i did not see the disclaimer.


interestingly enough my order was delivered an hour after posting this post and i threatened to sue. I would delete the post but i cant find the delete option.

It took 3 months but it was finally delivered.


Possible to file some kind of class action seems to be enough people and that might actually stop them…

S. Chira

I’m beginning to think more and more that this site is a scam. I placed an order on 12-1-19 and have yet to receive my package! I ordered 7 bottles of wine. These people are nearly impossible to get in touch with by phone and even via e-mail all I seem to get is the run around. It’s been almost two months with virtually no update as to when I will be receiving my order. After reading through some of these comments it seems that I am not alone. Was impressed with prices only to be greatly disappointed by service.


Try calling or texting 917-612-6686 to find out about your order. It’s the cell phone # of the site owner, which I believe is Marc Ravage.


It’s time we all banded together and do what we can to end this already. This theft and fraud/scam has gone on long enough with new victims falling into the trap. Those behind it belong in jail! I’ve gotten similar games with an order from November and Brandon avoids any response about refunding my money. Brandon and whoever else is behind this slings every excuse in the book for not delivering, filling tons of emails with lies that it was shipped or went out, it’s being delivered by Brandon personally, etc. Please join me in filing complaints with the following entities and let’s begin our fight back:
1) local police: report fraud and theft
2) NY Bureau of Consumer Frauds & Protection:
3) NY State Liquor Authority:
4) FBI for internet crimes (federal due to internet, if not operating in both NY and CT):

Other entities might be valuable to contact, including the CT liquor authority. Please post additional government entities if deemed useful, as I would love to see this nonsense end once and for all.



This person is a major fraud and it somewhat doesn’t surprise me to see all these complaints. He is a fraud, an arrogant “business” man and a person who does not keep his word. ALL he does is promise “will get it out by tonight” “my guy has it will deliver it today” “looks like I will have to deliver it to you personally.” LIES LIES LIES. These guys are scammers and will charge your card and not send your order. I did not order from this post but felt the need to share my frustration and story as so many others have experienced the same thing. This guy belongs in jail! NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE OR PROMISE FROM BRANDON BELMONTE HIMSELF, BUY FROM THEM!!!


I just heard from someone who’s cc was charged a 5 weeks ago for a large order, & this Brandon guy is giving him the same runaround. It’s out for delivery. It’s with the courier etc. Maybe it’s time to put this fraudster out of business & behind bars where he belongs. Maybe the DD readers should get together for a class action lawsuit.


Just file a chargeback.


He deserves to rot in jail and not victimize others, repeating the cycle over and over. It should not be that the credit card or other businesses eat this fraud directly or should have to waste resources to correct for illegal activity, which just raises the cost of doing business for all credit card using parties; i.e. by extension Dan is also affected every time. These delay tactics are clearly meant to exhaust the chargeback time and then there is no choice but to sue.

I encourage everyone to file complaints and legally go after the perpetrator(s) with the links I posted above.


Did anybody get their order in the past 2 months?


I’m over 3 months myself and it’s been nothing but the same runaround nonsense from Brandon, like everyone else is reporting. I’m going to follow Jake’s advice to file reports and complaints if this isn’t resolved by end of week and am preparing to sue if need be. None of us should tolerate this illegal activity.


What are you going to sue for? Just dispute the charge with your cc company and that’s it.


I will not let a thief pulling fraudulent acts on me get out the easy way, I’m going after him full force


Hey Jake – I unfortunately ordered in November and didn’t check the disclaimers here that Dan posted, totally my fault. I too, like everyone else, have been promised almost daily that the order will be delivered, and nothing has happened. I’m a fool for believing all of his excuses and promises, but let me know what you end up doing!


See my post from February 22, 2019 12:36 pm, start the filing of reports and complaints

Ben K

There is now a Yelp page to post reviews. Please post a review to inform people of this scam.


This same piece of garbage is now opening under a new name (what else is new?!)
Shoppers beware.
You’ve been warned!


I saw that. I’m still waiting for orders from September and October, $1000 worth of wine… Can I still dispute the charges with CC company?


Yes, you can dispute. I have done that. Or Post a nasty comment on social media on his page and he will be quick to answer


Thanks, will update with further updates


BTW, did anyone ever try going to the store to claim orders?

Contact Us
114 Ditmas Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11218

We are open 24 hours a day


Store’s been closed for quite a few months already.


That store is now owned by a Frum Yid.


I was just going to but and decided to search dans threads before being ripped off (AGAIN)


Someone set up a Yelp page for the new site. Post your reviews on your experience if you are risky enough to try.


Not even worth attempting to order from
The piece of drek Brandon is a thief. This would be helpful


Just curious. He has order pick-up in Manhattan and a COD option for N.Y. NJ,, where he provides you with a generic c.c. Number to enter during checkout. I don’t see where I can lose if I don’t give him a credit card. Did anyone try this?


Right, but the prices on the new site are not great. You’d be much better off going to shoprite with their 20% off kosher wine discount. I’m guessing that the old site and the new are operating with similar business models… Allow most people in the beginning to get their order, then crate a large sale which will create a ton more orders. Fulfill some, not others (as to not actually lose money), and then have a lot of accounts receivable/orders placed to get a loan based off that (factoring). Then probably not pay off the loan. From there, start a new business and do it all over again. Sound similar?

Not Brandon

Looks like they just opened a new website At least he is consistent. He will rip you off from any website.


Warning: kosherkases is the same crook!

Plumber Mike

Ordered 50 bottles of Elit Sunday. Was promised delivery yesterday. Didn’t arrive. They email this morning saying I’ll get it today. Had same issue with KorkedKosher. Never delivered. Kept coming up with excuses. And now there is another one KoskerKases. Another scam. I’m going to the DA tomorrow if I don’t get my order. Grand Larceny and Scheme to Defraud.

Plumber Mike

anyone else care to share their experience? this guy is literally stealing from the banks. Starts a new business and a new merchant account. Rinses. Washes. And repeats. It’s fraud.

Plumber Mike

They just delivered at 9:25PM my 50 bottles.


STILL A SCAM!!!!. Few will get orders. Most wont.


Bingo kosher wines is Brandon Belmonte. Was just confirmed by worker in the store.


Brandon picks up the phone @2129327772
It sure him and his. He admits now to the scam.


He must be at his end game… now offering 55% discounts. Wondering if anyone risked it recently. I have been tempted since it is relatively easy to dispute the cc charges… but on the other hand I feel like I would be participating in his fraud so I passed. In the beginning folks said he offered a pay on delivery (he gave a fake cc number to use for the orders). I contacted them a few weeks ago asking about it and they said they are sorry but do not offer this.

Joe S

it’s 55% but off the retail prices which were jacked up by a lot now. The wine prices are still good after that, but it’s the same as when he gave lower discounts but the retail price was less.


Anybody pull the trigger on the 55% deal?


I got mine it was great


All I can say is I placed an order on june 3rd, I recieved it on June 13th 10 days later, which I don’t find as a terrible turn around time.


Has anyone considered the merchandise to be counterfeit and bootleg now with all the horrible stories out of Dominican Republic? Just a thought when prices too good to be true.

Joe S

Just a data point – ordered a case of Covenant Israel Blue C Adom Red Wine for $18/bottle, well below cost (cheapest I can get it by me is $32 and that’s on sale). While I have gotten my previous 3 orders, every one took much longer than it should have, and only after many, many emails did I get them (and one of them was very wrong and missing some bottles, though he did give it all to me for free in the end). Ordered here with another friend just to see what would happen. It was promised to be there by last week Tuesday. I did get my order today after 2+ weeks, but only after disputing the charge a couple days ago, and having to deal with many, many emails promising the order would be delivered that day (every day another excuse if it wasn’t delivered, or no response at all till I emailed many times). So, I still don’t know what to say. I did get my order, and significantly cheaper than what I would have paid in a store. But the hoops I have to jump through each time make me skeptical of ever ordering again. Or at least until enough time has passed that I get antsy and decide the headache is worth the savings. My friend who lives a couple blocks away, still hasn’t gotten his order.


New company same gangster.
I know of a few people who have not received their order.
Beware. In a while, he’ll close this one too & start with a new name.


Brandon is picking up phones and cursing out for calling about the delivery that was supposed to be delivered but wasn’t.
Can this scam be filed by the DA?


Just spoke to owner of Broadway Cellar. He said Brandon fleeced him of 150k selling out of his location. Someone has to do something to stop this scam artist.


Ha! Ha!
You’re being fooled!
Brandon IS the owner of Broadway Cellar!
I think we should alert the authorities about the connection between Broadway Cellar & all other scam websites.
I just saw this on Yelp for Broadway Cellar.
These are the same crooks like “Koshercorks” “Bingokosherwines” “Kosherkases”. They steal your money & never send an order.
Don’t touch them with a 10 foot pole.
You’ve been warned!


The guy who I spoke with was Israeli and said Brandon disappeared a week ago and only left a new #. You may he right but he sounded genuine.


Who cares… a chargeback and move on…… let them go out of business and disappear and we will
All be happier…..


They are such thieves.
I have been chasing my order for 2 months this guy Jacob keeps telling me every day its on the truck the guy is on the way….LIES LIES LIES…STAY AWAY FROM THEM


I invested $20K with KosherCorks, based on the info and this was right when they started.

I have a signed agreement from Julie Ravage but was orchestrated by Brandon Belmonte.

Brandon has told me numerous times that he will pay me back, will he?? I hope by the grace of g-d he will, but so far nothing.

“Next week” has passed, “this week” has passed, “tomorrow” has passed, “today” has passed, “yesterday” has passed, “I scheduled through billpay”. They just keep on coming.



Reiterate it was loaned and not invested…


UPDATE: Just want to note that after almost two years, Brandon sent me $10K, so while I’m surprised, I think it does count for something.


Take him to court. He already has about 10 active cases against him.
I really don’t know how he can get away with defrauding the public en masse.
Yes, you can dispute the charge, but how many people forget about it (which is most probably his intention), & the lose their money to this crook. His father died recently. It’s really a pity that he didn’t go along… He’s really a public nuisance that should rot in prison for eternity.


How do you know his father died? He’s been telling me his dad is really sick.



This is one big fraud. Mark, Julie, Brandon, Steve all just one big hoax. Sorry to say, I think that the chances that you’ll ever get your money back, is basically zero (I couldn’t find a lower number!). Just google Brandon Belmonte & you’ll see he’s up to his neck in fraud & scam. Search the court system & you’ll find some more. It’s really a pity that you “invested” with such a charlatan w/o checking up on him. He should be locked away for good.


They owe people millions of dollars. It appears that their new sites are completely dead as they haven’t been emailing for weeks and are no longer delivering orders, similar to the final days of koshercorks, but this time took only a couple of months.