Help Misaskim Alleviate Tragedy With Compassion; Watch The Diary Entry Of Eli’s Not-So-Great Chol Hamoed Experience

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Childhood is stolen from orphans. Let kids be kids by sponsoring a Chol Hamoed trip for an orphan for just $65.

Misaskim alleviates tragedy with compassion, coordinates crisis with expertise, and provides a multi-faceted array of services for the bereaved.

Misaskim’s mission is to provide support and assistance to individuals experiencing crisis or tragedy by providing them with vital bereavement services, all-the-while safeguarding the dignity of the deceased. Misaskim’s wide array of services for the bereaved include physical and moral support that assist the grief-stricken with their many challenges during crisis or loss.

Please help us in our mission by donating here.


View more of Eli’s diaries and donate here.

Your donation to Misaskim will allow us to continue to provide our vital services to the bereaved, and allow them a small bit of comfort in their trying times. In the merit of your kindness and generosity, may you be blessed with an abundance of happiness, always surrounded by good health. Misaskim is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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