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Of course, some seminaries demand you use their so convenient cellular dealer without mentioning that they are part owners.


Similar song with many of the boys yeshivas. They falsely claim it’s for safety so that text messages can be sent to them.


Do you always flush your toilet in public? 1: The yeshiva or seminary never said they have to use cellular Israel. They are the most popular service because they give great service as I can say first hand.
2. There is no yeshiva or seminary that I know of that got an even one free line from them.
A yeshiva administrator


Avraham, 1. there are many Israeli phone service providers. The comments are generalized regarding various other phone providers out there, and not necessarily regarding ‘Cellular Israel’.
2. There are many yeshivos and seminaries out there. Certainly you can talk about your own institution, but other yeshiva programs have been known to choose a phone provider that charges significantly more than competing providers. I hope you understand that certainly raises red flags for many families. Similar to the ElAl booking fiasco, when the public can’t get clear answers as to why plane tickets/ cell phone services have to be bought with cash only, you say a particular company has superior service but there is no room to hear rebuttal, have to stick with that particular provider, have to purchase/lease the provider’s particular phones (and we aren’t talking kosher phones here)— it comes off as fishy.


i agree with you %100, but if you make a comment like that you are implying that you are talking about the company above and that you know what you talking about. On a side point, not such a side point. Cellular Israel was started just because of that!


It would seem like you are too involved, perhaps they are family or friend to you. no comment maligned this advertiser, you are just too sensitive. As a parent that has been through a sellphone scam run by a well known seminary, I have the right to speak in general.


Why don’t you ask the institution their reason for making you pay in cash.
Maybe they have a good reason. I’m sure they have a reason. And it’s prob a good reason.
Maybe the reason was because travel agents got burnt last time around and they’re only taking cash.
When I say burnt, I mean , went out of business. For a lot of agents , they got paid by the parents and then the agent paid the airline. When people did chargebacks , the airline didn’t get hurt , it was the agents.
Now I’m not getting into the halacha about doing that. But i understand a torah institution realizing this fact and protecting the agents.
For the parents the risk could be $1200. For the agent, it’s their entire livelihood… I heard a few agents went bankrupt.
I have no clue if this is the institutions intent. But I’d sooner believe that than believe your version


Yossi, using a credit card for tickets is just the norm today. By the way, I am also a merchant so I never used a chargeback. It would have to be serious, not just trying to take advantage.
When a ticket is booked normally, the agent is not accepting the card, he is providing the number to the airline and they run the charge and deal with the chargebacks.
If the agent is doing some special deal that the customers is not told about as a way to make more money, that is when these things happen.


You can speak for your yeshiva. I can assure you that one seminary demanded the girls use their preferred provider for safety, ease of contacting. Years later there was a lawsuit between the seminary owner and the other partners, they jointly owned the cell phone provider. This was not disclosed to students ever but the court proceedings are online as public documents, the case was in the USA.


Your comment about “flush” is absurdly not appropriate.
I was not talking about this advertiser. I was stating that some seminaries demand you use their friend or self owned provider. If you do not know the story, ask around.
By the way, when the case was heard in a court in the USA it became public knowledge and honestly, if parents ever realize the head of a seminary was a liar, it might help them make decisions. I am Zeide age and, BH, I have never tried to fool someone to make a buck, let alone outright lie about being a part owner of the cell phone company.


I wonder if you are in cahoots as well…. getting a kickback for every negative comment you post about an advertiser…..