Twin Brother Killed In Horrific Accident While Riding His Bike In Chicago, Support The Family Today!

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With great sadness, we inform you of the tragic passing of Shmuel Hershel Weinberger of Chicago, Illinois, after being struck by a vehicle. He was only nine years old.

He is the son of R’ Shamai and Mrs. Sara Leah Weinberger of West Rogers Park, Chicago, who are active members of the Chabad community.

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The young boy was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle on N. Sacramento Ave and W. Chase Ave on Wednesday afternoon at around 8:00PM. Chicago Hatzolah rushed to the scene, and was transported to the hospital but unfortunately they were unable to save him.

Hershel was a student in the Lubavitcher Cheder in Chicago, and was beloved by his teachers and classmates.

“Hershel was a zeeskeit and had a tremendous simchas hachaim. He was very musical and loved singing. He was extremely beloved by his classmates,” his teacher, Rabbi Mendel Moscowitz said. “Just the sparkle in his eyes when he would come to Cheder in the morning will always remain etched in my memory.”

“The Weinberger home is always open for shiurim and chessed,” said Rabbi Boruch Hertz, Rov of the Chicago Chabad community, “It’s an enormous tragedy, beyond words.”

“At this time, both parents are really doing their best to be strong”, said Rabbi Yosef Lubinsky, a close friend of the family, “however, a long bumpy road lays a head of them, and much financial help will be needed”.

Sadly however, Hershel’s siblings where at the scene when the accident happened. “What these kids saw, is simply horrific and horrendous”, says Chaim D. Reich, one of the professionals who came to assess the family, “we are in touch with therapists and professionals, who are ready to devote themselves to each one of the siblings individually. Yet for this we’ll need funding”.

“These kids are so beautiful and bright”, said Eliza, a family friend, “it is really our obligation to help the family overcome this great loss, and support them as they go through this hard and challenging times”.

“We therefore set up a campaign – under the full leadership of Rabbi Yosef Assayag of the Rabbanut Organization – to help the family cover funeral expenses and loss of income as they grieve the untimely passing of their beautiful, energetic, sweet young son”.

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You can watch news coverage below:

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Term life insurance.

Everyone should look into that.

Not expensive.

I have $3 million coverage for an inconsequential premium.


Who has life insurance on their 9 year old?


*Raises hand*

I literally have $20,000 through WAEPA and $25,000 through USAA. And additional amounts in the case of accident or dismemberment.

In any event, my comment was geared more to adults getting insured. But kids are also a good idea.


Adults are a great idea. Can’t say I thought of insuring kids before now.


Sigh, yeah. Same here about 4 years ago. Posts like these are what prompted me to insure everyone, including the kids. Money and costs is the last thing I’d want to be dealing with. And in my experience, with my “luck,” the best way to decrease the odds of something happening is to insure heavily against it.


Money can’t bring back what’s lost. It’s meant to provide for the family in case of the breadwinner’s death, thus there is no point in insuring children.


@a. Tell that to these parents for whom funds are being raised. The insurance money is meant to go towards (1) funeral expenses (expensive) and (2) not going immediately back to work.


Kids are extremely cheap to insure.


@Tavster. Yep, for example, is $500 per year for $50,000 coverage. Sometimes it’s easier to do it through one’s job. I’m sure there are better options out there that might be cheaper.


That sounds very expensive.. I pay less than $300yr for 500k in coverage 20yr term for a 30yr old

mountain man

Most employers that offer a term policy will offer child insurance policies of 10-15k for pennies a month. Often riders can be added onto parents policies as well.

Pardon my ignorance but why do they need to raise $200k? Is that for therapy?


I had the same thought that the amount being raised is perhaps too large. It caused me to question whether I have enough insurance on the children. I do not have an answer for why the amount sought is appropriate. Shrug.

Leah Rudd

Lots of people do. Its a great way to save money buy buying a whole life policy.


what do you call inconsequential? i only have a 1 million policy and costs a decent amount.


Good question and point. $2,000 per year.


Keep in mind in a situation like this, when a family doesn’t have extra money sitting around, the burial can cost over 50k, the breadwinners not being in a state of mind to go back to work for some time, therapy, and much more sadly, we shouldn’t know of situations like these but a little extra support can go a long way.


what burial costs over 50k?


The point is that it could be a heavy financial burden on the family, aside for the emotional one.


IMO the main point is therapy expense


Out in Commiefornia it can get that high.
Generally, you’re looking at $25k.
That is a difficult check for most people to write.


Exactly. Anyone reading this should get insurance for everyone in the family.