Going to Israel for Vacation? You Make The Deal!


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Once again Learning Torah on Vacation, L’TOV, a special chavrusa learning program is reaching out to families who will be in Yerushalayim for the summer (or any other time) and want someone to learn with their boys (or even them, the father!).

As an encouragement for you to schedule a CRUCIAL part of your trip and to satisfy you as much as possible, we are asking YOU to set the price!

L’TOV will provide a rebbi who will come to the neighborhood where your family is staying, to learn at a time that is convenient for you. This is beneficial because your learning doesn’t get neglected over your vacation!

Visit LearningTorahonVacation.com to learn more and set up a Chavrusa.

-Satisfaction guaranteed!
-References available.
-Learning NEVER goes on vacation!

Website: LearningTorahOnVacation.com
Email: torahonvacation@gmail.com
Phone: 845-290-9927
In Israel: 054-846-9913

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I’ve learned with Rabbi Munczyk personally and had a great experience. He’s a down to earth American, and makes learning easy to digest and enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend learning with him while in Israel!


So happy to hear that this program has this great offer. I have learned with the director of Ltov, too many times to count. He is certainly a most qualified individual to run such an integral part of ones trip to Eretz Yisroel. It’s a win-win! Definitely go for it! Can’t imagine going home to artzeinu hakidosha without giving this nachas to H”kbh.


My four boys (aged 8 – 16) spent a week learning in Israel courtesy of Rabbi Munczyk and his staff.

My boys loved the learning and the experience and returned home to yeshiva with a tremendous amount of chizuk.

I highly recommend LTOV.


thanks dan for spreading the word about this!


No one is going to Israel?? CANT BE!
This is something that should have MANY comments!
It is so important to show out kids that no matter where we are and what we are doing we must Learn Torah. I once heard a big Rabbi say “We need doctors, lawyers, etc, but TORAH IS THE OXYGEN!