Going To Israel For Succos?

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Introducing Learning Torah on Vacation, L’TOV, a special chavrusa learning program for families who will be in Yerusalayim for Yom Tov (or any other time) and want someone to learn with their boys (or even them the father!).

L’TOV will provide a rebbi who will come to the neighborhood that your family is staying and learn at a time that is convenient you. This is great because your learning doesn’t get neglected over your vacation!

Visit LearningTorahonVacation.com to learn more and set up a Chavrusa.

Reasonable rates. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Learning NEVER goes on vacation!

Website: LearningTorahOnVacation.com
Email: torahonvacation@gmail.com
Phone: 845-290-9927
In Israel: 054-846-9913

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9 Comments On "Going To Israel For Succos?"

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I can vouch for them… The Rebbe was a native new yorker and very good with the kids. Highly recommend

Ahron Lieberman

Rabbi Monczyk was my rebbe a few years ago! he has an amazing way of teaching bochrim who want to learn and who “want to want” to learn. Its hard to explain, but he knows how to teach the guys. It worked with me, so i recommend it!
Try it out, give it a shot, you’re in for a treat!


Wow! What a phenominal idea! I had the privelage of learning with Rabbi Monczyk a number of years ago and still have very fond memories of the time we spent learning together. So many people are going to Israel for Yom Tov who should take advantage of such a service. Do it for your child so they can keep an edge on their learning, or an adult who wants to keep up with the daf yomi or other shiurim they attend in chutz la’aretz.If I was going, it would certainly be at the top of my agenda.
Don’t forget… Ayn Torah K’toras Eretz Yisroel. Combine that with a seosoned, veteran mechanech, and you have a combination that can’t be beat!

Leave the kids alone!

Can’t the kids have a vacation for a change?! This is ridiculous! Leave the kids alone!


@Leave the kids alone!:

So when you go to yerushalayim, just leave religion at the door? I pity your child if 1 hour a day of learning on vacation is going to ruin their vacation…


seriously?? how is that not letting them have a vacation? its enjoyable learning with the relaxed freedom THE KID actually needs, Rabbi Monczyk is phenomenal and unbelievable at what he does. how about you look into something before you open your mouth and say something. it will make you look less stupid. try it sometime.


beautiful. strongly encourage those going to eretz yisrael to seize this opportunity and take advantage.

Torah is water

Just “BOOKED” 3 Rabbis to come and learn with me and my boys after breakfast. Never had something like this available. Great move Rabbi! I would NEVER neglect food for my kids on vacation. This is food for the Neshama!!


I have spoken with several people who have learned with R’ Monczyk and were excited with their experience. It truly is special to add this to your schedule and show your kids the importance of torah.