Getting On A Private Jet To Vacation Anywhere In The US May Now Become A Reality! Win The Private Raffle, And It’s All Yours.

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Win the PRIVATE Raffle, and it’s all yours.

  • A Private Jet for you and 8 other people
  • A Private Chef to cook your meals
  • Private Transportation to explore
  • Private Airbnb

Only 1,400 Lucky Ticket Holders Will Have This Opportunity. Once Sold, The Raffle Is Drawn. Get Yours Before The Chance Is Lost!

SPECIAL DEAL! Purchase $200 or more in tickets by Sunday, April 3rd, and be entered to win $5,000 worth of tickets! That’s 64 additional chances to win the vacation of a lifetime!

Maximize your chances!

  • 1 Ticket for $100
  • 4 for $360
  • 12 for $1000
  • 62 for $5000
  • 130 for $10,000

Get your tickets here.

The Private Raffle will benefit Hatzalah of Chicago, Maot Chitim, Refuah 311, and Sharlene Levinson Bikur Cholim.

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Interesting. If every ticket sells for $100 they make 140,000. I assume the value on this prize is between 40-50k, no? After advertising and marketing the org’s are coming out with probably 80k, or 20k a piece. And some of those donors probably would be giving them anyway. . .


I would believe that the prizes are sponsored


Is the Private jet one way or round trip?


roundtrip, see rules for details


The regulations on this raffle state that the grand prize is a private jet for 8 people, airbnb up to $5000 and $1500 spending money. No mention of private chef or transportation. Enter at your own risk.


The raffle, provides money towards private chef and transportation based on the winners choosing as detailed in the rules and regulations under spending money.


I think this whole private jet thing is a huge mistake. It’s encouraging the biggest waste of money to hit Klal Yisroel. Instead of, gasp, chas vesholom, flying first class, we have people spending 50K to be able to have their own plane… I understand that there are times when it is necessary (medical etc.), but for a vacation is just not right…


More, decent point. I’ll take it a step further. Why do people give tzedaka if they like the prize? I’ll be honest, I don’t give to most campaigns I see advertised here or elsewhere, simply because I don’t care to only give tzedaka for a 1/10000 chance of winning something. I’m not a tzadik, but I give tzedaka to organizations which don’t have any raffle or prize.


I don’t have anything against prizes. although I’m like you and don’t buy raffles, unfortunately that is what gives people to give. so go ahead and make a prize. I’m against making the prize something that encourages wasteful spending. this isn’t a vacation to Disney land or a minivan, this is a total waste when you blow that kind of money on something that can be bought for a small percentage of the cost.


Too complicated, will rather try my luck on a 50K cash and use it the way I want without any rules…..

Rod Walsh

I don’t understand all the objections. I’m not a Jew, not righteous but I’ve entered a couple of these raffles. In a way, it is a chance for the charity to catch extra money, like mine, which they wouldn’t otherwise see. I typically enter the raffle for the condo in Jersusalem. But this could be nice too – I’ll have to check out the rules.

Rod Walsh

Well, I just saw it was the continental USA only – I’ll wait for the next condo. If it was 8 people to Hawaii or Europe, that would be different.

Good luck to the charity!


Way to much GOSHMIUS even if it’s for a good cause