Get Paid To Lose Weight? Yes, It’s For Real From HealthyWage!

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We’re now two months into the New Year, but many people are still looking ahead to their personal health goals for 2021.  Whether you are looking for a reason to keep the momentum going, or looking for a reason to get started (It’s not too late!), HealthyWage is here to help with their innovative solution to weight loss success – real cash prizes!

Founded in 2009, the company is built upon principles from studies by Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon, that tie financial incentives to weight loss success. The HealthyWager program applies those findings to help individuals unlock next-level motivation by offering cash prizes for weight loss success!

“I am really excited to announce that I am partnering up again with HealthyWage because I lost weight the first time when I bet on myself, and I’m going to do it again!” – Sherri Shepherd

Plus, as part of an exciting new partnership with Emmy-Award winning personality Sherri Shepherd, HealthyWage is offering Dan’s Deals readers a Free $50 Prize Boost to sign up.  Sherri used a HealthyWager in 2019 to lose weight – and is now enrolled in the program again to shed some pounds she gained in quarantine. 

This is a unique approach to weight loss that is completely individualized.  You set your goal, your terms, and your investment.  HealthyWage simply takes those inputs and determines your prize (The bigger your goal, the bigger your prize!)  Plus, as mentioned before, HealthyWage is adding $50 to all Dan’s Deals readers’ prizes absolutely free!

It’s fun (and free!) to find out how much you can win using the calculator.  You can experiment until you find the perfect goal/prize combination for you!  Once you have settled on one, the rest is easy: all weight verifications are done via user-submitted video on the HealthyWage app.  Once successful, payouts are made quickly via check or Paypal. 

The program has been featured on many news outlets including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, NPR, and Consumer Reports. There are many stories across the web of people who have found the money to be the ultimate motivator in weight loss. They have paid over $21 million in prizes so far with lots of new winners everyday. Don’t miss your chance on this one!

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How does this place make money?


Most people lose their bets.


Easy. That’s like asking how the casino makes money. Those that don’t achieve their weight goal forfeit their monetary investment in the program.


The same way casinos and insurance companies make money.


Maybe we should start a DD group on the app to support each other. Would anyone be interested?


Am I too late to the game? I just lost 20 lbs. And that was my target.

Liam K. Nuj

They take some liberty with the term “win”. In my case my “win” would be $376. However, that’s AFTER I invest $300, so my “win” is in reality $76. My risk of loss is $300. FOUR times my potential actual winnings.
They shouldn’t call a $76 potential gain vs. a $300 potential loss a $376 “win”. It’s borderline sleazy.