Get Away From It All This Pesach!


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With over a decade in the Pesach industry, Palm Tree Getaways knows how important your experience is, and emphasizes the individual aspect. You are more than just a number

Stay in the world’s newest Pesach resort, the Playa Largo Resort and Spa in Key Largo, Florida. The 175 room hotel is situated right on the bay, close enough to get to, and far enough away from everyday life.

With three restaurant experiences to choose from, meal times are up to you. Choose from sushi and ceviche, dairy buffet, and a meat grill daily. Designer cuisine carefully crafted by Master Chefs Jameson Poll, Albert Bijou and Seth Weg ensure that Pesach dining will never be the same.

Visit our site at and find out more by calling (786)-471-8733 or emailing

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Who are the guest speakers?
What is the entertainment? (Musicians? Entertainers? Excursions? Foodie presentations?)


What’s the standard of kashrut?


Rate ?

i am interestet

2 adult and a baby, price ?


Is this Gebrucks?


How much $?

reb yid

Did anyone bother to look at the website for answers to their questions?



It ORB non gebroucts

Associated Party

I suggest emailing for info


I suggest emailing for a quote

@i am interestet:
I suggest emailing for a quote


I suggest emailing for a quote

@reb yid: