Free Pizza and “Modim” CD From Eltingville Auction


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Great early bird special extended until tomorow at Our amazing Kollel Auction has dirt cheap tickets and a free gift bonanza featuring the latest hit “Modim” by Baruch Levine, the new Pupa Cookbook, and many other giveaways!

Promotions ending tomorrow, 02/13:
-Double your money: For just $100 you’ll receive double auction tickets (26 tickets) and a free pie of pizza!
-For just $120 you’ll get 44 tickets, the free pie, and the “Modim” CD.
-Enter the following coupon code by checkout to receive your free pie: danspizza
Phone orders welcome as well, 718-967-1315.

Free pie of pizza valid at Sprinkles Kosher Pizza in Fallsburg NY, or Fellers Woodridge Kosher Pizza, for a summer pizza party the whole family will enjoy! Pies redeemable 06/25-09/01.

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baal tzedaka

is this deal still on

In the Know

Sprinkles Kosher Pizza in Fallsburg NY is open all year…

Only redeemable in the summer?


Promo is on until midnight tonight. Spread the word!

sprinkles kosher pizza

its only available for the dates posted.

good question

to sprinkes pizza: can i subsitute the pizza pie for something else thats costs the same like sushi I am not allowed to have pizza I am a diabetic and lactose intolerent