Free Chocolate Shipped With Amex Promo From Miami Beach Chocolates


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Click here to register your american express credit cards to spend $5 and get $5 back, up to three times per card. Promotion expires 08/31. Read the DansDeals post on this promotion here.

Just fill out this credit card authorization form then fax it to 206-350-2734, or scan and email it to with all your registered Amex cards. Miami Beach Chocolates will make 3 separate charges of $5 on each card. We will call you within 24 hours to place your order. Or you can email what you’d like to order and just call to confirm.

You can also use your cards to pay for 2 day shipping which is only $15.00 so there is no out of pocket cost. $15 shipping is available nationwide through August for this promotion!

Need some inspiration on what to order? Just check out what Dan has said about our chocolate creations and view pictures he’s published in his 2011 Miami Trip Notes and his 2012 Miami Trip Notes.

If you have any questions about this promotion or would like to complete this process by phone please call: (305)-532-4949

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I gave them 12 cards which came out to $180 so im shipping some today and they said that the balance they will keep as a store credit for the next 2 months


is 2 day shipping for $15 only within a seven block radios of the store for a single piece of chocolate


You should never email anything with a credit card number. Email is not secure any anyone running a sniffer on any router along the way can steal that info.



I’m in


does this apply to additional users also? or only main card on account


Additional are considered separate cards?


Would each authorized user be allowed to have the $5×3 promo?


if you dont feel comfortable emailing you can fax

David R

@Mark: Sure, on cards issued by AmEx where each authorized user has a different account number. On cards issued by Citi, the authorized user’s card number is the same as the primary card so you could only get the offer once for such an account.


@chaim: How much did you order and how much did your shipping come out to be? Their website for 3boxes of 8ct chocolates which cost $27, is $50 for UPS Ground Shipping and over $100 for 2-3 day from FL to CA

email is fine

if someone gets into your email you have bigger problems than your 100% no liability credit card


@Tzvi: or call


Shipping out of Miami is at least $23??

dans the man

Are they Cholov Yisroel?

Tzvi-Miami Beach Chocolates

y@n: yes shipping comes out to more but we are absorbing the additional cost for this promotino throughout the month of August


Tzvi- Can I just send you the info and get a gift card or credit to be used soon? And for large orders shipped to NY in September (Probably first or 2nd week) how much would shipping be? Just $15?


they are allowing store credit

Tzvi-Miami Beach Chocolates

@Elaine: the $15 2day shipping promotion is just for the month of August. We are absorbing the difference. After that it will go to its normal rate.


Thanks Dan. I’m in for 3 cards. I hope it works!


Nothing like getting 69 confirmation emails with more on the way….thanks DD and MBC for making this simple as pie.


Do I need to fill out the form several times as I have over 40 cards, or could I just sign the form and have a 2nd sheet with a spreadsheet with all the CC info?


I faxed in the form on thursday night but they still didn’t charge my cards. Are they THAT backlogged or did they not got it? I don’t want to end up with a double-order…?

Tzvi-Miami Beach Chocolates

@ICSL: 2nd sheet with a spread sheet is good please do it in a large font and on the bottom write that you authorize us to charge 3 times at $5 each. Plese make sure to include billing zip codes.


if you have any further questions please call us at our store (305)532-4949

Tzvi-Miami Beach Chocolates

@tbd: let me know your name and ill see if it got overlooked


how much is sales tax if you’re shipping to Pittsburgh, PA


@miamibeachchocolates, so we have about $500 worth of purchases thru this promo. I live in ny & do visit Miami at least once a yr which won’t b b4 jan/feb.. If I order for a less amnt of money, will u issue me a credit? & if so, will that have an expiration date? Also, can I freeze those chocs if I won’t wanna gobble them up right away?? Thanks so much for such an awesome promo!!


Slightly annoyed that they’re claiming the $15 shipping offer is only for offers placed earlier in the month, so that it SHIPS during August…a bit misleading, since that’s not what the ad implies…

Dan, what would you say if another company (say, an airline) tried to weasel their way out of an offer like that?


The ad clearly states “$15 shipping is available nationwide through August for this promotion!”

Not sure what your beef is?


@Dan: Dan, his beef is that it implies that any order made in August would qualify for the reduced shipping rate, regardless of when it actually ships.


I’m not sure how it implies that.
$15 shipping in August means $15 shipping in August in my book.

Anyway whatever you order from this place will be gone within days, I’m quite sure of that 😀

And if it’s not-just stick in in the fridge.


I would like them to ship it when I order it – so because they’re backlogged, and THEY decide to ship later, it’s fair that they should charge more for the shipping?

Tell me one other store that’s ever done that…imagine target had a sale, a wide screen TV for $150, with free shipping, and it ran through the end of August. But then they decided to ship it Sept. 1, so they charge $40 shipping. You would say that makes sense? Or would you say that their advertising is misleading?


They should honor it if the issue is on their end with fulfilling it now.
I’ll see what’s going on.

Sam (formerly anonymous)

Sorry about the anonymous post – can you let us know what they say?


I ordered a week and a half ago and I still haven’t received my order.


@Geshmak – from what I understand, the advantage of 2-day shipping isn’t just that you get it quicker. More importantly, it means it’s spending less time in the summer heat.

Sam (anonymous)

@Dan – any news?


Is there tax on orders shipped out of state??
let me rephrase that.

Is the seller required to collect tax on sales to another state???

Dave V

I called Eli on the 25th, and he told me to send in my form. I faxed it to him on the 27th. I called him back to ensure that he received the form and he said that the offer was pulled two days prior. I explained to him that I spoke to him two days ago and he said to send everything in but he said he was overextended. This was a very poor business practice.


I also got my order in during August but was told that the $15 shipping was only good on orders earlier in the month. Kind of BS, since it seems like they are just making stuff up on the fly. I’ll give them a pass on that, but since when do you charge sales tax for something that you’re shipping out of state (when you don’t have a retail location in the state of the person it’s being shipped to)?


Anyone receive their orders yet?