Eyeglasses 99 Optical Spring Sale In Brooklyn: Save 50% Off Storewide!


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-50% off our entire store! Get 2 pairs of glasses frames and lenses for just $49!
Progressive/bifocal lenses: 1 pair for a $59 frame with lenses.

-Polycarbonate thin lenses: $29 $10
-Anti reflexion lenses: $29 $10
-1,67 thinner lenses: $80 $39
-1,74 thinnest lenses: $159 $79
-Transition lenses: $80 $39
-Progressive/ bifocal lenses: $129 $59
-Progressive/bifocal thin poly lenses: $199 $99
-Progressive/bifocal thinnest 1,67 lenses: $299 $149
-Anti-reflexion progressive/bifocal lenses: $49 $25

Glasses will be ready in just 10 minutes after choosing your perfect frame!

Mention DansDeals to receive this discount and get a free cleaner with each pair.

Sale pricing valid through 3/26.

Our store is conveniently located at 1342 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230. Or call us at 718-676-2512

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Can you order on-line?


They are fantastic bought two pairs of glasses 5 weeks ago and service is the greatest. They are courteous,very helpful and very knowledgeable. I walked in he took one look at me and immediately has 5 frames in his hands which were all suited to my face it was just a matter of making the decision of which one I like better.


Is this deal also available at their crown heights location?


It was, but it closed about 2 years ago


What are the store hours?

Mr G

Is the add ons per a glasses or is it on the set of 2 for 49?

good Q

@Mr G: i am also curious about that? hoping they answer because that is a game changer for me.


@Mr G: additions are per pair.

Barry D

Anyone know if it can be purchased online?