Exclusive Discounts On A Kosher Home With 9 Bedrooms, Private Heated Pool, And Over 4 Acres Of Land Close To NYC!

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If your in search for a luxurious kosher accommodation a short distance from NYC, your dream has been fulfilled.

With a kosher stocked kitchen, private heated pool, 9 bedrooms, and 4+ acres of land spread over lush greenery, your are in for a weekend you will never forget.

The property is walking distance to a Shul & Mikva and a few minutes to kosher food year round.

This home is perfect for accommodating small family reunions, sheva Brachos weekends, or simply a luxurious getaway.

Winter 2020 filling up fast so call us and be sure your part of the house everyone’s talking about.

Call or WhatsApp Izzy at 917.442.6603 now to book your stay!

Mention DansDeals to get the best available pricing!

And find out more by visiting www.catskillskosher.com

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I wish this add had more info such as how many people it can accommodate, the location, and the price, or a website.


“9 bedrooms” should also be a bit of a help

Moshe Nayad

Do you kosher the home after each use? Otherwise, how can i trust the kashurat of someone I do not know who just stayed there?


Ask your local rabbi. If the landlord is specific to have only Shomer Shabbat and only kosher clients, they are eid echad (one witness), and we allow one to rely one witness to testify for isurim. All married men rely on one witness (their wife’s) testimony as to what day and weather or not they went to the mikvah, that the food purchased is indeed kosher.


How do they go about verifying the renter’s are always shower Shabbos etc?
Always wondered about this when renting “kosher” homes.


Any idea of a site, service, or lead I can use to find a kosher home to rent for sukkos in the five towns? Struck out on airrbnb , Homes way etc. thanks much


whener renting these kosher homes anywhere in the world you have to assume last person wasn’t at same level of kashrut as you . Depending on your level ,do as u please. A lot of people kasher again


Regarding having to kasher or not does not necessarily have to do with your level.
As you can have chumros or kulos but a) it is in any case at worst not a ben Yomo. b) only a safek.

I would say just make sure it is completely clean i.e. no grease etc. and adding a quick hot water rinse is more than enough..


So the person before me despite having all kosher ingredients hires an aino yehudi to do all the cooking. The oven is turned on by the nochri and the food is bishul akum. I would think that renders the kelim not kosher and they would require kashering, although I’m not sure what the actual halacha lmaaseh is, also would that render the oven not kosher too?

How does that work with a Sefardi using the ovens following an Ashkenazi?Something could be 100% kosher according to ashkenazim but then bishul akum according to sefaradim.

If you are doing actual cooking would you really ever use anyone else’s dishes? If you are just heating or reheating food then make sure it’s double wrapped and that should solve your problems.


Can I trade Hilton free night certificates @ any hotel for this?