The Most Exciting Thing This Chol Hamoed Is Less Than A Week Away. Will You Be There?

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DreamWorks is having an extremely limited number of tickets available this Chol Hamoed. Time is running out before it will sell out!

Take Chol Hamoed 2020 to the next level, in the record-breaking American Dream!

DreamWorks, the continent’s largest indoor water park, is opening for the first time in a half year and will have special night hours on two nights for the frum community. With Chickies and a huge sukkah, providing delicious kosher food.

Sponsored by Kol Haolam and the Bikur Cholim of Lakewood, tickets are available for $99. With COVID on everyone’s mind, precautions are being taken to ensure guests’ safety. The cavernous park has room for 6,400 people, but only 750 tickets are being sold! Additionally there will be social distancing in lines and temperature checks at the entrance.

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2 nights— both nights exclusively for men. I’m missing something here. Why not 1 not for women, 1 night for men?


probably because it’s probably visible from outside the “park”


Coooooooooooorrect! If I were a woman, I’d much rather spend the time at It’sSugar, the ice skating rink, and the indoor ski slope. That mall is insane!