Emergency Fund To Help The Wife And 6 Orphans Of Reb Zevi Halberstam

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It is with great sadness that we report the tragic and untimely passing of Reb Zevi Halberstam, who passed away on Shabbos after just a few days in the hospital with Coronavirus.


Zevi was a lovely young man, and always walked around with a full smile. Zevi’s life was full of Chesed and he was always there to help another Yid. He was involved in so many organizations and always used his extra time to lend a hand when needed.


At the age of 42, Zevi returned his Neshama to Hashem and he left behind on this world a wife and 6 children.

The videos of his kids saying Kadish at his Kevura are heart-wrenching and there is no greater pain than seeing them suffering without their father. They did not even have a chance to say goodbye or prepare for this tragic loss.


With Zevi no longer here, the family is now faced with financial difficulties and no food to put on the table. Zevi was a hard-worker who always gave his life for others, now it’s our chance to say thank you, and help out his family in their time of need.

The kids are growing up and there is no longer an income to provide them food and basic necessities, therefor a fund has been setup by his dear friends to assist this family now. The money collected will be given to his wife and kids so that they don’t have to suffer a double loss.

Your donation will go a long way in making life easier for Zevi’s family, and in this Zchus May Hashem repay you Kifley Kiflayim, and May we get rid of this terrible diseases and celebrate Pesach in Ihr Hakodesh Yerushalaim together with Moshiach. Amen.

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“left behind a family of 6 children with no income whatsoever.” Very tragic, and we should see no more tragedies come about from any virus. I’ll ask again, ***why no life insurance???*** You have a precious family of a wife and 6 children…. why do you not insure their success?




I was thinking the exact same thing. This shows the importance of having life insurance. It would still be tragic but at least financially the family should be ok.


Have you heared of people not eleigible becuase of medical reasons? or eligible but extreamly expensive and not affordable? I am hoping these are the reasons the young people who past did not have any Insurance.


I knew Zevy personally. and I know for a fact that unfortunately he was not eligible for a good and affordable Life Insurance due to medical conditions (doesn’t matter the reason in particular. I once discussed with him this subject and he told me this.


I think its about time an organization should be set up to campaign and raise funds for people that can’t afford the $1000+ a year for life insurance


Every person is unique according to underwriting standards, but in most cases a policy won’t even be as expensive as you mentioned. Many monthly policies can cost as much as a pizza pie with fries.


A million $ insurance is about $500 a year to the minimum


John, I know many of these campaigns are collecting a million or two. Its definitely noble and responsible to start with a $500k or $750k. It also depends on what terms the policy states (15 years, 20, 30…). To not even attempt to purchase a policy is irresponsible

ר מאיר בעל הנס

1. Term life is cheap !! Pls do yours today !!
2 I know a shul that makes sure every person has a policy
How much can community raise for so many families w יתומים ? רחל
3 get your term policy today . 20 years for young ppl really not costly . On line possible. See insurers rating . Get reputable company like met life gurdian etc
Don’t mix up terminology
Lowest cost is term
Get a quote for 20 years term
If you like in 10 years allow to expire after you get s new 20 year term
All kids weddings coveted !! No need to ask for צדקה

There\'s a time to keep quiet

I am disgusted by these callous comments.
Whether or not there was life insurance is irrelevant.
Make your pitch in a different forum. (maybe put an ad on dansdeals _”and yes I do have life insurance
How do you think the relatives feel when they see this comment.

Thank you

Agreed. Thank you for your comment.

Chuck Lowenstein

I am sure the comments discussing the life insurance issue are to serve as encouragement to those who have not yet prepared. While young (and in insurance terms, 42 is still relatively young), as pointed out, the rates are relatively low for a substantial amount of coverage.

Why put your family in this situation when for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day, this dilemma would not arise.

Sure, nothing can replace the father, but financial security goes a long way towards soothing the pain.


Someone who took out a 500k policy 15 years ago would still need a fundraiser. 500k doesn’t get you anywhere if you have 6 kids to marry off, and getting a new policy in upper 30s is already not so cheap, which is why people push it off.

There\'s a time to keep quiet

Like I said – regardless of your intentions your words will very likely cause the family pain when they see it. Therefore don’t say anything.
If you would like to encourage others about this, then there are many ways you can without causing others pain.
So to summarize – I am disgusted by these callous comments.
Thank you! May we treat each other with sensitivity, and be zoche to the Geulah bokorev!!!