Drawing At 5pm Sharp! Win A BMW X7 M50i Or $100,000 From The Dushinsky Raffle!

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Drawing At 5pm Sharp! Win A BMW X7 M50i Or $100,000 From The Dushinsky Raffle!

Dushinsky is a light-house to thousands of followers, and their institutions serve the educational needs of well over 4000 students. Within these institutions, they thrive and grow to be G-d fearing Jews and loving his Torah. The institutions count among them, 29 institutions of chesed, providing aid and assistance to those in need.

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A donor

Just a thought from a donor/participant point of view, for all mosdos. For anyone running an auction or raffle, might I suggest the following:
1. Don’t pick a ticket from a box to determine a winner. Use something like random.org to show all participant names and then have the site randomly generate a winner.
2. Even if you do pick a ticket out of a box, have a third party do it, preferably someone who is well respected, and please don’t have the person look at the contents of the box while they are finding the winning ticket. If you do use tickets, please ensure that they are all identical in size shape and color.
3. Have the drawing live, and post update right away on your website with winner name(s).
While it is true that most organizations are on the up and up, there are unfortunately some that are run by unscrupulous individuals and this can ruin it for everyone. A mosad must be above all of that and make sure that everything is transparent so that people will continue to give in confidence and with love for tzeddakah as well as having fun taking a chance, without souring the experience with shlocky administration, which some may misconstrue as shady circumstances.


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