PSA: Dealers Push To Get Rid Of Your Auto Broker, Call Your NY State Senator Today!

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Dealers have been enjoying the higher prices brought about by the recent shortage and are aiming to keep those prices high for the future by getting rid of your auto Broker and giving them the monopoly to charge the consumer whatever they want!

The greater NY Auto Dealers Association is trying to push a bill through the NY Legislature TODAY that will effectively put all leasing companies and auto Brokers out of business.

If you are enjoying the comfort, convenience, and personal attention from your Auto Broker / Leasing Company and would like to have that option in the future…

Please call the Senate Majority leader, Senate Deputy Majority leader, and your local Senator today to respectfully voice your opposition to Bill S4332a, which will greatly affect consumers and thousands of middle class jobs in NY state.

This is urgent as they are pushing very hard to get this bill through the assembly and senate today!

Time is of the Essence, contact the numbers below: 

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Liberals…always trying to “take care of you.” Just like NY “taking care of your” but not allowing you to choose to use Multiple Security Deposits to lower your lease payments


Text of Bill here. The actual provisions seem reasonable, if somewhat excessive, but when you continue reading you can tell who lobbied for this bill. They are not bashful at all being a stealership.

In any case, seems the main issue here for the brokers, is that they have to disclose how much they make, and then most people won’t use them.

Brokers on Leasehackr usually work like that already.


Does a dealership have to disclose how much money they make? Does any business have to disclose how much profit they make? Free market and if you don’t like it you can go somewhere else


Well said


So who lobbied for this bill and why?
Please explain for us laymen who lease cars….

John Rose

Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn is behind the bill


isn’t plaza a broker? not a dealer?

i am not their biggest fan but they are large for a reason and generally provide low prices with a certain amount of convenience. They are no worse than other brokers.

why you throwing shade?


You are probably referring to plaza auto leasing, which is a broker. Plaza Auto Mall is made up of multiple dealerships on the same block and would benefit from the legislation.


If they are as great- the free market will give them the business…


Brokers generally work for the clients in terms of pricing, transparency, selection, service. Forcing the brokers out of business means they get all the business directly from you without having to provide any of the above.

It is very much a free market punch in the face


You think that the dealers (that will have a monopoly, and inevitably end up raising prices) will tell you how much they make? They are only pushing for this bill because brokers force them to be competitive, give real numbers, and stay grounded. You think the opposition is because of disclosing profit? You are dead wrong.


same group that lobbied not to allow mfgs to sell directly – they seem to want it both ways 🙂

Read the bill

if you look at the bill
1) it does not allow brokers to get paid from the dealer or from the consumer, so how would they get paid to work ?
2) it does not allow them to handle any of your personal information so how should they should they arrange all the paperwork needed for your car
3) it does not allow them to pick up and deliver your car, making sure you need to go into the dealership for the good old bait and switch
and the list goes on

There is nothing in there good for the consumer, it is good for the dealer and will give them a monopoly


It doesn’t say that, but it is clear that the dealerships lobbied for this bill, and if they lobbied for it, that’s a surefire sign that this is not good for anyone but their pockets.


Why do I care how much money they make? They’re providing a great service and are almost always cheaper than going to the dealership directly


and we always thought that we have a capitalist economy what a joke….


I read through the Justification section.

their problems seems to be:
1. “brokers dont work so hard so they don’t provide value”. Isn’t that up to the consumer?
2. “it is not clear enough that brokers are not dealers”. If you cant figure that out, that is on you.
3″ no broker provides warranty and recall repair services or employs trained workers to educate consumers about vehicle safety features and other options in today’s models”. Isn’t it up to the consumer to educate themselves? those who feel they need to be walked through the process can go to a dealer (as if they are always transparent).
4. “brokers jeopardize the investments and jobs in the dealer industry”. sorry i did not realize buying or leasing a car was an act of tzedaka. It is not our job as consumers to provide jobs and money for the industry. it is our job to purchase a vehicle at the best combination of price/reliability/service.
5. “Sadly, brokers only serve to skim profits and undercut New York based
new car dealers and the entire Franchise System with it. They do this by
avoiding capital and facility investments dealers must make”. once again. it is not our job to support all that investment; dealers are middle-men too. dealers block legislation allowing consumers to buy direct from manufacturers.
6.”Beyond the jobs they create, dealers also pay millions in real property
taxes, and hundreds of millions in sales tax annually. Dealers also
give consumers the knowledge and comfort of dealing with a reputable
business supported by a large motor vehicle manufacturer”. see #4,5. for the last time, consumers can educate themselves if they desire to invest the time.

the bill declared that offering a given car, at a given price is Fraudulent! what chutzpah!
S. 4332–A 11
1 f. It is hereby declared to be a fraudulent practice, for the purposes
2 of paragraph c of subdivision nine of this section, for an automobile
3 broker business to draw the public’s attention to, or present or display
4 any new motor vehicle, including by posting images of any such vehicle,
5 together with a suggested retail price, lease cost or financing rate for
6 such vehicle and an offer to provide, the provision of, or a represen-
7 tation that such person may provide a service of arranging, assisting,
8 facilitating or effecting the purchase or lease of such new motor vehi-
9 cle.

I have leased from both dealers and Frum brokers. neither experience was great honestly. the broker was too aggressive and the dealer double charged me for the warranty at 9PM after a long drawn out process, when i had lost the will to fight. There are not many good options for consumers when it comes to buying and servicing automobiles but at least brokers provide more choices for the consumer.


I have been leasing my automobiles since 2004, I only have had good experiences with Frum brokers, dealers only bad experiences. enough said


Snakes!….. Car salesmen, that is.


possibly the reason for the bill is because many brokers use out of state dealerships to skirt the NY bonding requirement

Juan Tahn

Would this law outlaw them from using out of state dealerships?


Seems like they would outlaw brokers entirely


Not at all. You need to be bonded to operate in NYC, even if your company is based in NJ and you sell more than 3 cars to NY customers you would need to be licensed and bonded


The whole concept of a dealer is crooked. If I want a mid sized SUV, why can’t there be a one stop shop that offers different brands?


That is generally because the car manufacturers do not want you to pick their competitor. Do you think that Pepsi likes being right next to Coke on the soda shelf. They usually want a separation so that you pick one and not the other.


You don’t see any super market that just sells Pepsi


Actually…. Many manufacturers came out in support of brokers because they push product.


Just use a lkwd leasing company. Brokers – its time to move to toms river


Because NJ consists of only Lakewood, right? Bad advice! Move the business right across the river in towns like Elizabeth, Jersey City, Northern Bergen County, etc.


Same rule applies. If an out-of-state leasing company sells more than 3 cars in NYC they have to follow the same rules.

Moshiach fan

I live in califoronia and I called.


Majority Leader Andrea-Stewart-Cousins’ voicemail box (first phone number in the post) is full…


Get real jobs!!!!! Stop being middleman!!! The middleman can always be eliminated!!!