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Once you receive your box be sure to post what you get in the comments!

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Both say no longer available


Is it just food samples?


You represent and warrant that you understand that receipt of a Goodie Box is subject to availability, and that Daily Goodie Box reserves, in its sole discretion, the right to determine which users may receive available Goodie Boxes at any given time. You further agree that in exchange for any Goodie Boxes received by you, you will submit a truthful review of any products contained in a Goodie Box received by you. Your review should clearly and conspicuously state that you received the reviewed item for free in exchange for your review, unless otherwise clear and conspicuous from the context. By submitting a review, you certify that you are a bona fide user of the reviewed products and that your review is an accurate and non-misleading expression of your experience. You consent to Daily Goodie Box to use your review and any other content you post on or about the Service in connection with any advertising, marketing, or other activities in any form and any medium, including on the Website and on social media; and you grant Daily Goodie Box a perpetual, fully paid-up, worldwide, irrevocable, sublicensable, assignable, transferrable license to use, publish, copy, and exploit the same, in whole or part, in any medium or form, including for marketing. You agree that you will not make any further claim upon Daily Goodie Box for any compensation for the same, and you release Daily Goodie Box for any losses, claims, or liabilities of any kind arising from or related to your Account, review, or content.


Mr ntorch thank you for that very exciting ramble. Please continue to entertain us with practical easily applicable information


ZZZZ, keep sleeping through the fine print and hope no one sues you.

The ad does not disclose that you need to provide reviews and when you click through the ad, they only asks you to check the box that you agree to the terms and conditions.

I clicked through and read the T&C and found the requirement that you need to provide a review in exchange for the box, which is why I posted it.

I appreciate NTorch!

I appreciated that NTorch posted that. Most people don’t read the fine print and then complain about it afterwards. Nothing in life is free. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.


Ntorch thank you again please continue posting your ‘electric’ content in your short concise straight to the point way


What if I don’t end up leaving a Review? They stop Shipping to me?


Check out page 236 of Ntorch’s post it covers your issue exactly