Check Out Lakewood’s First All-Inclusive News Site:

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Check Out Lakewood’s First All-Inclusive News Site:

There are multiple sections: National, Israel, Lakewood | Toms River | Jackson, Video, Business & more.

They have a great team of news geeks and analysts with in-depth coverage to matters that we all care about.

Greater Lakewood is a well designed, clean, and extremely user friendly site.
Still on the fence? See it for yourself!

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Which side of the fence are they on ? Pro the old establishment , new age , or anti establishment?


No idea. All I know is that little of the site is actually about Lakewood.


That’s because we have many sections 🙂


We address that question in our about page.


as per FAQ – Daas Torah dictates what they will or won’t publish.

Well then, it’s perfect!


As a reader I think it’s a good website very all encompassing and unique great videos posted regularly there too.


It is remarkably refreshing to see a site that does not appear to be biased to either extreme in the establishment vs. anti-establishment battle. It also has a lot of original news that I didn’t see on their competitor’s site. I do think there is a little room for improvement is a few area, such as in perhaps tweeting out when new pieces are posted, but for a new site, it really has a lot of potential.


Thanks for the feedback. We tweet Lakewood news as well as real headlines but not every single article.


nice website, they should, however, consider a less crowded view like you have here on
don’t take my word for it though, survey the users, look at other news sites (including non-Jewish sites) and if you come to the same conclusion, make a beta site and survey users on that as well.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, a lot of time was spent in the R&D phase. We came to the conclusion our layout was best to be able to view top headlines amongst categories of peoples interest in one quick swipe. It is better on Desktop vs mobile simply because the wider screen offers more styling etc. enjoy it!


And that’s the beauty of it. I happen to strongly agree with “tachlis” (and I’m using a desktop), but if the paper believes in their conclusion, then good luck. I prefer the DD platform.


I Commend the site for allowing pictures of women. To me, the legitimacy of any site/ magazine/ newspaper is compromised when so much time & energy is spent on photo-shopping and ‘blurring’ out background images of Nancy Palosi or Hillary Clinton.


We post photos of women but only when they are dressed modestly. That’s what our daas Torah told us 🙂


Talking in general or talking in regarding accommodating Halacha? If the second, Are you a rabbi or so? Do you also believe in such a leniency regarding Kashrus for instance? Maybe McDonalds can hire you for Rabbinical supervision and we’ll finally have prices of kosher fast food brought down once and forever..


Eli, I apologize but I can’t fully understand what you are asking. If you are inquiring about a kosher McDonalds (or similar type of fast food franchise), I’d love that opportunity in the US. I understand that Dan went to a kosher McDonalds in South America before his Antarctic trip, and the hype isn’t all that fabulous. When Nathan’s has a Glatt kosher stand in brooklyn and LA years ago, the prices were higher than those of trief Nathan’s stands (for obvious and understandable reasons).


Jewish websites are catering to Frum Yidden who if are really frum would not want to see in-modestly dressed people , as dictated by the Torah. Unfortunately a lot of people do not have sensitivities anymore to a lot of laws of VeLo Sasoro .


Abe. Agreed. What doesn’t make sense to me is those that don’t even want to see modestly dressed female politicians or Rebetzins next to their husbands in pictures. To each their own


Could not have said it better.


Unfortunately, a few of the well known sites that officially cater to ‘yeshiva’ crowds, cater to money. They post many articles that are not in the interest of yeshiva type people, as long as they get hits and comments. It’s all about money. Very refreshing to hear of a frum news websites that has guidelines from a Rav.

Daas Oilam

what is all this?
what does it even mean old establishment and new?
r they going to have a section to hock
nd what about a eiruv alerts throughout lakewood
do they have anyone giving haskuhmuhs?


You can read more about us on our about page. We post news that people care about.


Been following the Greater Lakewood since the beginning. It’s an awesome site extremely sensitive to Torah values and great coverage. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally have a news site that I can look at that says things how they are!