Have You Been To Chabad Of Venice? Watch Shachar Banin Describe The Devastation And The Shutdown Of GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant

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Please note: This is a sponsored post.

Who doesn’t know Ramy & Shachar Banin, the Chabad Shluchim to Venice, Italy! Everyone has either been to their Chabad House or knows someone who has.

The horrific high water damage in November, the after-effects of Coronavirus and months of travel bans, have left Ramy & Shachar fighting to maintain the Chabad House’s very existence. Without exaggeration, and simply put, without your help, they will not be able to continue. For 30 years, Ramy & Shachar have always been there for the world, and now they need us, their international community.

Donate here.

Please go join their fundraising campaign right now! Thanks to some very generous matchers, each donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar.

When you donate to Chabad of Venice, you are truly investing in the entire Jewish world, because hundreds of thousands of yearly visitors take the inspiration they receive in Venice and bring it back to light up their own communities.

Donate here.

Watch the video to see What’s Actually Happening in Venice, Italy:


Dan’s Note: I’ve spent many a Shabbos at Chabad Houses around the globe and they were all wonderful, but the experience at Chabad of Venice was truly memorable and amazing! Don’t forget to donate to Chabad Houses that have been there for you in the past during this time of need.

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My family and I have been lucky enough to spend several weeks in Venice every summer for the last few years. Ask me why we keep going back and spend so much time there?
Its Ramy & Shachar Banin the Chabad Shluchim of Venice!!!
Please help them continue to do the work they do for all walks of life with kashrus, shabbos meals, minyan Yeshiva and much much more.

Tizku Lemitzvos
Yankel Shprintzy & Chavy Stern


Donated $18


Sure why not. My favorite country to visit and one of the most amazing magical cities ever been to.


What about the moratorium? How are they expecting people to pay rent if they are closing their sources of income?

tracht goot

i don’t often “join the discussion” but if there ever was a time to do it, this would be it..
Rami is one of the sweeter people i have ever come across.
he took me in as a young backpacker, provided food & shelter at no coast for the 4 months (!!!) i ended up staying there, and even set me up with some paying odd jobs, all while being extremely worm and nice about the whole thing.