Can’t Travel? Bring The Welcoming Scents Of The World’s Most Popular Resorts Into Your Home!

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Nothing takes you back to the special places or moments in your life quite like the sense of smell. Just a whiff can bring about the strongest emotional attachments and transport anyone in the room to a place far away or far back in time.

Scentify, the growing brand of home fragrances and plug-in diffusers, has made a name for themselves by adding to their impressive lineup of fragrances a number of distinct scents from popular hotels and resorts around the globe. In addition to their vast collection of general scents for homes and businesses, these items have become a major hit with travelers and wannabe travelers.

With the gift-giving season upon us, Scentify products are quickly becoming a popular holiday gift for businesses and individuals, offering a gift that will keep on giving all year-round. DansDeals readers receive a 10% promotional discount with code: DD10

With winter upon us, it’s time to bring the vacation home. So give yourself the gift of Scentify – it is sure to be love at first scent!

This makes a fantastic gift for the holidays!

JJ’s Note: I was sent a Scentify Home Plug In and a bottle of Bliss. The plug in is simple to work and has settings for strength and to automatically turn off at night. The scent is simply divine, it is inspired by Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts and reminds me of many resorts like the Grand Beach Hotel in Surfside. I’m excited to try out more scents and have a home that smells like vacation!

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