Cancun Summer Sale – Save On Kosher Vacation Packages!

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Save on The Ultimate Getaway in Cancun with a Kosher Luxus Package.

HOTEL: We have partnered with the best 5 star hotels to get you the cheapest rates. Including Hyatt Ziva, Grand Fiesta Americana and more.

FOOD: All-inclusive Kosher meals by the restaurant Red Heifer (Glatt kosher L’mehadrin), offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, & Shabbos meals (They even offer delivery to the beach, for a small fee) Top Rated on Tripadvisor

FLIGHTS: Package includes flights with the max discount available for your dates of travel (based on class availability)

PRAYERS: Minyanim available daily by Red Heifer Restaurant as well as the very friendly Chabad of Cancun down the block

FUN: To mention some there’s all kinds of water fun, swimming with dolphins, XCaret & Xplor Theme Parks and many more activities. (Purchased separately)

MENTION: DansDeals to receive the max discount

Upcoming events: Summer 2018

  • Shabbos (Shabbat) Nachamu July 26 – 31, 2018

Carlebach Style

  • Sukkos (Sukkot) on the Beach Sep 23 – Oct 03, 2018

Large Air Conditioned Sukkah

We Provide the Arba minim

We have discounted packages for All year round

  • All-inclusive Gourmet Meals and Open tea room
  • Discounted Hotel Options Hyatt Ziva (5*), Grand Fiesta Americana (5*), or Krystal Cancun (3.5*) and more.
  • Original Mexican Mariachi Show
  • Babysitting available
  • Kids club during the day in the Hotel
  • If you’re looking for a relaxing and fun vacation then you came to the right place no matter what background you come from.

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Phone: 718-355-8500 / Whatsapp: +1-347-881-7659


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Abe rothbaun

I must say this place was really the worst experience I had with any restaurant ever..
I paid for all inclusive vocation thru Kosher luxus with Ruth for hotel and meals.. my entire vocation was messed up with this restaurant.. First off it took them literally forever to bring out the food over an hour and half sometimes 2 HOURS to bring it out!

I missed 2 touring trips because they took so long and one day didn’t get my lunch to go even though gave an order almost 2 hours before .. so was out on trip from morning till after 6 pm with no kosher food..

Besides this major issue they had almost nothing from the menu available only steak which was either raw or overcooked and very chewy.. they had no fish, no chicken, no duck, no lamb, no ice cream only pareve chocolate, no desserts churios,

They gave us dishes that weren’t cooked! the beef sachets were raw dough same with pizza and pasta and waffles raw dough!!

Besides that they messed up orders!! and brought me things that i didn’t order and many times very spicy food when I told them not spicy.. so had to order something else and again wait and wait.. And this was the experience that all people had there..

Basically my vocation was really messed up with this place..

And to top in off when I complained I got no response for a full day .. after i asked them so what’s going on.. and then when i spoke to the boss Dovid Malach דוד מלאח in Israel.. he didn’t once say well take care of it I’m sorry or we’ll fix it.. no nothing of the sort..

So then I told him if that’s the case people should know about this and he says yes go tell people.. so we’re dealing with people who don’t care taking money from people for certain service and then not providing the promised service.. I don’t like to complain.. but here I felt it was beyond all norms especially with response I got..

I would like to say that CHABAD in Cancun also does meals and I ate also there and it was quick!, delicious! and affordable and with a smile.. It was a pleasure with them.. And I heard that others were also very happy with them..

If you choose to go here beware and go at your own risk!

I’m getting in touch with credit card company to discuss this issue

I’m reaching out to others who were there and had same issues you can contact me so we can present our case to the credit card companies to rectify this situation..