Another Unlimited Israel Exclusive For Dansdeals Readers!


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Rent an Unlimited iPhone for as low as $45 per week! Or just simply buy or rent the Unlimited Israel SIM card.

-Get 10% off orders over $100 with code (Exp: 02/28/14): DAN10

The Unlimited Israel plans includes:
-Unlimited talk within Israel including calling to the US and Canada.
-Unlimited data and text within Israel.
-Great coverage across Israel on Cellcom’s network.
-For an additional cost, your current US number can ring in Israel.
-SIM cards available for rental or purchase for most iPhone and Androids.
-The Unlimited Israel MiFi is available. Be connected on up to 10 devices.
-Convenient options for pickup or nationwide shipping.

Are you coordinating a tour or know a tour coordinator? Contact us to find out about our rental packages for students and tour groups.

Reserve your iPhone today by visiting us at

While you’re there be sure to check out our testimonials! You can also reach us at 845-371-9800 or 855-972-CELL Make sure to ask for Lipa or Yossi.

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Dan..i’m new to this…i don’t have CC’s with travel points…
need advice….want to travel from NYC to YYZ by Pesach using points and your system – can you advise which CCs would get me the required points to fly to YYZ in time?? (family of 3 plus baby under 2)…


a bit misleading in calling this “exclusive” its a sponsored ad


That gets you 50,000 Avios.
A one-way from NYC-YYZ is 4,500 Avios.

Why can’t an advertiser make an exclusive promotion for DansDeals readers?

Steven Saposnik

I recently used this company while we were in Israel and am very happy with the services that they provided


i used the company twice great


Thanks for the feedback!
Our sales team can be reached via email as well




Are there any date limitations? Can I reserve now for rental over the summer?


Yes you sure may..
Have a beautiful day 🙂


winning streak there for cavs!

Joe nj

Hey i have known tani for a while.and allways knew one day he would have so much to offer .his freindly and courtous way of dealing with people makes him a pleasure to deal with .from yeshiva bochur to entanpanour !!!walking talking kiddush hashem.some ones who not not only santifies hashems name in the beis medrash but also in the office .tani im impressed how far you came! If your ever in lakewood come in for a free burger .mention code word salami


Shaychis cavs


Hello Joe,
I’m not sure which Joe you are, but I don’t know what I did to deserve such a
A nice comment. May you be blessed!



Gil-Ezer Lerer

Easy company to work with!
Just rented three phones for our school trip this week…..Will let you know how they worked!