Ad: This Is Your Last Opportunity For You To Join Yeladim Netivot’s Birthright Israel Winter 2009 Trips!!!


Update 2: Registration closes on 10/03 at 9am!

Update: I’ve applied for the trip! Have you? C’mon over to the new thread that I just started at the dansdeals forums and lets talk about it! Forum registration is required to make posts.

1. The Jewish Path to Israel- ALL MALE TRIPS OR ALL FEMALE TRIPS is a free 10 days educational tour of Israel for adults ages 18-26 who are interested in an all male or all female Orthodox program.

Our unique programs offer separate trips (all girls or all boys), high standards of Kashrus (Glatt, Mehadrin), Orthodox staff members and Inspiring Shabbos.

2. The Pathways to Israel offers a religious coed trip that adheres to high standards of Kashrus (Glatt, Mehadrin), Orthodox staff members and Inspiring Shabbos.

Trip Dates: Trips will take place in December and January. Exact trip dates will be offered to you once you complete an application and submit your deposit.

All Trips Depart from NYC.

ELIGIBILITY: Only apply if have never been to Israel before on an organized tour. If you have studied in Israel at a yeshiva or are currently enrolled in a yeshiva you are not eligible.

Registration is opened for a few more days only!!!!!!!!!

Hurry!!!! Limited Space!!!! First come first serve basis.

To apply just complete the entire application at the following link and be sure to submit a deposit. Your deposit will be refunded if you are not accepted or if you cancel before the deadline:

Application Linky

Feel free to email with any questions:

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I personally went on a birthright trip recently, and it was the best experience ever! I encourage everyone who can to participate…


Any birthright trips for frum couples?

What’s the deal with birthright if my wife went to an Israeli sem?

Yeladim Netivot

There is a co-ed trip for which we are allowing couples to apply together. However, both partners must be eligible for birthright; which basically means that they are both between the ages of 18 and 26, and have never gone to Yeshiva or school in Israel, nor have they been on an organized tour there that lasted more than 7 days.

Good Luck,
Yeladim Birthright


Thanks for the quick response!
When will the trip be?


Definitely a great opportunity… and its free!


awesome trip ive done it and then gone back as a chaperone
everyone should aplly

Yeladim Netivot

Chaim-There are still no guaranteed trip dates. They will not be confirmed for a little while, but you must register before. If the dates don’t work out, you can back out.

If you are interested, please register IMMEDIATELY and pay the deposit by tomorrow morning.



@Yeladim Netivot: what are the dates of the trips. i want to be able to see them without going through the process of having to pre register or register

Yeladim Netivot

Vrems-We cannot guarantee any dates until we have confirmed tickets, which will not happen until we know who will be in the groups. The tentative dates can be found on our website at .

Please remember that if the dates do not work for you, you can cancel before the deadline and get your deposit refunded. Additionally, you will get priority on out summer trip.

Good luck with your application, and feel free to email me with any questions:




it will be the best 10 days that you will remember for many years to come register right away only a couple of days left!


This is a once in a lifetime experience… YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!!!!!


this is the best REAL FREE DEAL YOU will come across!
free flight to Israel = $1,800 Hotel 10 Days = Min. 1,000 food = 400?! 3,200? what you waiting for sign up b4 its too late!