Ad: Special Offer! Win 4 Tickets To LA For Just $20!


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The Golden Treasures Chinese Auction benefits Kollel Ner Dovid, the Rabbinical Graduate Institute of the renowned Rabbinical Seminary of America-Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens. Did you know that we have 19 affiliate Yeshivos, over 475 alumni in Harbatzas Torah, over 180 musmachim in the last 10 years and OVER 4000 students in our network? Talented young men come here from around the country to train and develop the skills necessary to serve Klal Yisrael with dedication, integrity and sincerity.
You do not have to be a NY resident to claim any prizes but some restrictions may apply.

Email for more info. To participate, click HERE.

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Do the 4 tickets have to be used all at once or can they be used 2 different times? Also if I were to win do can I decide when to use them or they have expiration dates?


Cheaper with the delta glitch;)


@mo: where would the delta glitch be? thanks

Moishe Kapoyeh

@mo: Where’s your giving spirit, Mo?

Rabbi G


All tickets have to be claimed within 8 months. You could break it up to 2/2


@Rabbi G: Thank you. So to be clear and forgive me for if I repeating myself I take a trip with 2 tickets say July, I must use other 2 by October ? Or can I book the second set of tickets 1 year away as long as they are claimed within 8 months.