Ad: Sartoria Sacho – Custom Tailors Coming To New York!


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Sartoria Sacho – Custom Tailors

We are pleased to announce that we will have a “Pop up shop” in Brooklyn New York.
We offer a full custom service: Shirts – Suits – Kapotas – Coats.

September 13 – October 3
To ensure that we can meet you at your preferred time – you can set up an appointment by phone or email.

Primo Hatters
366 Kingston Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11213

US NUMBER: 347-785-9016

Toronto | New York | United Kingdom
416-841-4186 |

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Hey Dan,

May the lord look out for you in this upcoming year, and bless you with all your hearts desires, as you look out for us, and help us find all our hearts desires.

You have brought joy, and many good occasions to my family this year, may the good lord reciprocate 10-fold.


Ksivah Vachasimah Tovah.

larry Katz

Awesome! looking forward to making more shirts!




Does anyone know about the quality of this stuff?


to l@Late: YUP!

Ive bought many things from here and have always been thrilled!


very goos quality I dunno how he charges so little!
if i can load pictures of the stuff he made me I would