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We at PC Universe appreciate sites like Dan’s Deals and the consumers that support them in spreading the word about great deals. Unfortunately, our first “Dan’s Deal” was the result of an error and not a great deal I negotiated with a giant like Sony. We at PC Universe would never mislead our customers, resort to bait and switch tactics or any other smoke and mirrors to generate business. Our goal is to serve our customers with dedication by bringing you value – we aren’t just out looking for the next order.

So how did we end up listing a $1400 video recorder for under $500?

Unfortunately, we transmitted data on a handheld scanner that’s system recognized as the camcorder. Simple as that. Our fault completely, and we immediately corrected the error when we realized what had happened. We did have to cancel the orders that were placed before we took the deal down. We certainly did not intend to mislead anyone, and errors of this sort, where products “map” incorrectly, do occur in this electronic age. We provide data for literally thousands of products to Buy on a daily basis and constantly work on improving our data and our performance. In fact, you will see an incredible number of changes on our site in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Clearly, Dan’s Deals readers are well informed, because one commenter did correctly post that PC Universe was recently acquired by a member of the Monsey community. It’s amazing what information is available on the internet today. Believe me, if I could reach out to each of you personally and apologize for the error I would. Again, we never intended to present anything misleading. Even in Corporate America, honest mistakes happen. And sometimes, “Corporate America” is a lot closer to home than you think.

What I would like to do in lieu of a handshake is offer all of Dan’s Deals readers $10 off of any purchase over $100. You can enter the promo code DANWINS in the “Gift Certificates, Coupons, and Promotion Codes” section of our shopping cart at and I’ll make sure the offer is valid through 5/4/09.

Hatzlocho and best regards,

Perry Dubinsky

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impressed with the response, not so impressed with the coupon

dovy from

Very impressed that you actually came out and posted this. Great response. It sucks that that camera isn’t available though :p. Speaking of which, how much would it be to actually purchase that item from you guys?


very classy


Best of luck with the store, and I hope you get to the point where you CAN negotiate big deals with the likes of sony…


I am impressed too.

“e”, The coupon code is a nice gesture, not something we are entitled too.

Ordered A Few

Glad you’re supporting this site (via an ad), but your $10 coupon is a pittance compared to the camcorder deal.

I also never got an order confirmation email, nor did I get an email apologizing for the error.


Appreciate the gesture and explanation very much, but maybe consider sweetening the coupon for those that actually ordered the camcorder?


I ordered 14 units! Ebay here I come!


sorry to break it to Stan but you are not getting any cameras…


Is anyone selling the promo code on Ebay yet?

jeff baum

$10 off $100 is not a gesture of an apology. It’s a moneymaking coupon that intended to draw you to the site for pcuniverse to make money. They should be apologizing and offering a real coupon as compensation. No Class.


Very classy. I am very impressed


@Jeff, where does it say the company has a responsibility to do anything? Very mentchish is an understatement. Be real, this is an honest mistake and an owner coming forward. I think its a great way to do business.



jeff baum

benzy: I have no problem with the mistake. Mistakes happen and that’s fine. But why not just apologize and leave it at that. Giving a worthless coupon under the guise of an apology ruins the apology because it’s just a further ruse to generate more business. That not an apology!


@jeff baum:
You’re not making any sense.
PC Universe made a nice apology letter stating what went wrong.
The fact that there’s a small coupon ruins it???

to jeff and chaim

How do WE know what his MOTIVE on giving the coupon was? we do know one thing, though–we should give the benefit of the doubt!

know it all

Hope they work their way up. Their ratings were below sea level. Just please keep you business legitimate!


i got $10 from i sent them a email ya

Wogi just emailed me a 10 dollar gift certificate

Ordered A Few

I got the $10GC as well. I did not contact them about this order, they just sent it.

Tzali Borenstein

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According to a sales girl at PCuniverse the coupons were paid for by them, I EMailed them and because I ordered 2 cams but only got one coupon. They said it was one per customer. PCuniverse by the way did answer my email right away and I still don’t have an answer from buy. I think they must have made them pony up. Could have been thousands of dollars if there were hundreds of orders.