Ad: Just In Time For Pesach! Soda Buddy Home Soda Machine For Just $49.99 Shipped!

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No more shlepping cases of seltzer home from the store! You can make seltzer in a few seconds from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost of store bought seltzer.

Best of all, you can control exactly how fizzy you want your seltzer to be! There are no electronics so you can even make more seltzer on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

This Pesach feel like a FREE MAN with a sparkling ice cold glass of seltzer!

Go to our website now to find out more details as well as our CO2 cylinder exchange program that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Visit and use discount code (Exp: After 100 uses): PESACHSALE

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10 Comments On "Ad: Just In Time For Pesach! Soda Buddy Home Soda Machine For Just $49.99 Shipped!"

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Yaacov B.

Just ordered one! We go through so much seltzer on Pessach this will be a huge savings. Smart product and the cheapest price out there I could find.


Does the CO2 have a hechsher for Pesach? A large amount of CO2 on the market is from beer production and is therefore effectively chometz.


@josh: I emailed the company and they confirmed that their facility is strictly for Co2. I checked with a Rav and it is 100% fine for Pesach.


does anyone know how many bottles I can expect to get out of one CO2 cartridge?

Raizi the crazy

What are you kidding me? CO2 cannot be hametz. Get a life.


how does this compare to sodastream?


Guys!!! You are so Funny with all the questions about CO2….


my co2 supplier for those of us who retrofitted the sodastream advised me not to use the co2 on pesach as according to him their are 2 manufacturers producing co2 one if them may use kitniyos in the production hence he advised me to be machmir but ask your local knowledgable rav


@Jane: about 12 to 15 liters, depends how carbonated you like your drinks

@Anonymous: works just as good as Sodastream at a fraction the cost!