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Will you buy ElAl Upgrade Vouchers?


yes. how many do you have?


is there anyway to upgrade an elal mileage ticket booked through delta?


What is the value of an El Al upgrade coupon (or 1/2 the value)?




how much is a systemwide aa upgrade worth


I have a travel certificate by united, under my name, expires in September—-anything u can do with it?


I have a few southwest vouchers good for travel anywhere in the usa what are they worth?


for C: depends when it expires, and howmany you have.
for United: how much $$$?
please email me at

loyal reader

do u sell these vouchers?
r they good for travel at any time?
do u have site with cost?


I got 25,000 delta miles expiring in DEC, and 25,000 USAIR miles also expiring around then. ANything?


i have over 100,000 miles on continental and about 100,000 with american. how much will u pay for it?


How about Starwood points?
Anybody want to sell?



How much are you offering for StarPoints?


Why is this guy Levi always asking about SPG?


Miles: we do use Continental and AA miles, email me your info so next time i need i will contact you.


Depending on how many points you want to sell, avg $200 for every 10,000

Just dont forget who made you SPG Plat

mr points

can i transfer mr amex points to lanpass?
and whats the ratio?


The best way would be:
-60,000 AMEX MR converts into 20,000 Starwood
-20,000 Starwood converts into 50,000 Lanpass.


Levi how can you make someone spg platinium. How much would you pay for 30k starwood or 100k starwood points?

mr points

thanks alot dan!
heres the real Q.
i have 120,000 mr points and i would like to get 2 roundtrips to Israel
what would you sugest for this
(which airline to transfer to?


Im looking to go to Israel in the summer, have 500k amex and 200k starwood. any suggestions? Whats the best way to find a ticket and where do I look? Thanks


Dan I have 65000 (apx) co miles and 85000 aa. I also have about 300000 hilton honors points and 40 – 45000 amex points.
whats the best way for me to transfer for travel to eretz yisroel?


If i can get 500,000 Continental miles for $4,000 should i buy them?


i just got a targeted offer from delta for automatic SPG gold. the link is
here’s the question:
1. will it work with an existing SPG account?
2. can you opt out of the direct deposit feature?


to anon to again SPg gold is relitivly easy either call them and tell them you wanna be upgraded maybe b/c your gonna stay alot or if you did dans hyatt platuim free membership link you can match there very nice about it


Can someone please tell me how to transfer continental miles from one account to another without any fee

Jet Blue

are Jet Blue vouchers of any help to you?


I need to get a ticket to Israel this summer. Does anyone know the best way to do it.


how much will i get for a united systemwide (except alaska canada and hawaei) Voucher that expiers in march


its for one roundtrip


United: email me directly all info

sprint m

how much will you pay for unused spirit airline tickets? 🙂


How do you sticky a post without putting in a later date?


I use a wordpress plugin called “WP-Sticky”


Am I the only one finding that international tickets are best purchased by a travel agent – especailly to Israel if you want to fly direct el al continental, delta are all more expensive online than if you contact an agent.
Anyone else?

Yossi W

HI Dan. I just got my 70 dollar check back from Epson closing out your amazing 17 dollar digital camera deal. By the way I returned the camera so thanks for the free all in one printer. Keep up the great work!


i have some 36,000 points on northwest and i want to transfer them to either united or aa how do i go about doing it ?


Dan, Please tell me the best use of Amex MR points. I don’t have that many (50,000). As of now I’m thinking home depot GC. Please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.


Dan i have 25k Delta miles that i got from flying in the past, i need a ticket to go to Fl for june 15 to june 17, whats the best thing to do in this case, is i worth it to just use the 25k miles? or do you have a better way to do it?



What can be better then a ticket at 25k? you’ll be lucky if you can even find that on delta…

Is this for the wedding in JAX?


JAX? So your saying for 25k delta miles just take it and its a great deal?


Oh Jacksonville, no sorry its a wedding in Miami.


Thats what im saying

loyal reader

levi Says:

May 1st, 2008 at 4:37 pm

where can u buy 500,000 continental miles for $4,000?


i have a couple roundtrip Continental tickets from NY to Manchester, England and back. Any interest in purchasing them?