Ad: Get A Free Bluetooth Headset!!!


Free Samsung Bluetooth headset!
Get a choice of the Samsung WEP410, or the Samsung WEP500.
All you need to qualify for a free after rebate headset is to have an AT&T account!
You can pick up at our store or we can ship for 6.99 flat rate anywhere in the USA!

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rachmim gold

picked one up pretty cool deal

want one

Is there any strings attached?
if i currently have a regular at&t account that i did not make through them do i still qualify?
if any information please post.
Thank you!


yes you can get it even if you did not sign up via them, the rebate is from Cingular as far as i know, and not them.

AT&T Kingston

Yes you do not have to have gone through us you are still eligable


I picked up 2, they are so tiny, awesome, very sleek!

eyal assaraf

what do i do if I want it mailed?
there is no link!

AT&T Kingston

just call our freindly staff at 718-363-5444 and we will mail it out


If I have a family plan with 2 lines can I get 2 headsets?


Do we know if you can get 2 for 2 lines fam plan?
And how are these headsets rated?

K Harris

Is it only compatible w/ Samsung? I have a Motorola & was told that u can only use a Motorola Bluetooth w/ Motorola.


K Harris:
I’m not sure who told you that but it’s definitely not true.

K Harris

I’m going to take a chance because I like your site. I tried to call u but I received no answer. If I have an acct, do I still need to order thru u/can I go to any at&t center? I need 3.