Ad: 20,000 Starwood Starpoints With Your New Mortgage!!!


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Charles Light of Approved Funding Corp is now offering exclusively to DansDeals readers up to 20,000 free Starpoints if you close a mortgage with him before August 1st 2008 (purchase or refinance).

Here is the breakdown:

Loans $400,000 and above- 20,000 Starpoints

Loans $300,000 to $399,999- 15,000 Starpoints

Loans $200,000 to $299,999- 10,000 Starpoints

Loans $100,000 to $199,999- 5,000 Starpoints

Approved Funding Corp is a mortgage banker licensed in NY, NJ, FL, MD, CA, PA & CT.
Conforming loans, Jumbo loans, FHA loans and the new Jumbo Conforming loan limits are available as well as Hard Money Loans.

To apply, please call (516) 945-6292 or go to and fill out the contact form.

Make sure you mention this offer when you apply!

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regarding the 7-11 coupon
we went to 7-11 and the guy says “we can not accept a copied coupon” we tried to explain to the gut that there is is no original coupon its an internet promotion.
we even offered to bring in the computer, he was too confused:)
anyway we went to another 7-11 and they accepted it
moral of the story: 7-11 hires peolple with an IQ level of 2


hi dan, quick question, any idea for me to get out of a large family att plan without paying huge cancellation fees? Thanks so much.


hi dan is it true that for good credit you need to make payments in full


anon 11:53-
For good credit it is best to payoff your revolving balances (credit cards) in full if you do this every month. It is also the most sensible since you never pay any interest.
If you do keep a balance, you need to keep it under 50% of the available credit to keep it from hurting your credit score. It is best to keep the balance under 30% of the limit.

Pit Fan

any good ideas for a new cordless phone? what kind is the best? and where to get the best rates? thanks in advance to who ever replies.

sprint m

dont know much about cordless phons, but ill tell you this: I just bought uniden 5.8 Gh phone w/ 2 handsets. the problem is that you can only use 1 handset @ a time so its not like two phones, its just like 1 phone. True you can use it at two locations in your house, but you cant be talking on both @ the same time to whoever youre calling.


I got the gold charge card with the 25,000 point promo. now they keep giving me this window that i’m pre-aproved to upgarde to Platinum.
the latest? upgrade and get ANOTHER 20,000 points!
now if only they would let me keep the fee-free next few months…

(“Why not let all your eligible business purchases earn you rewards? Enjoy a rewards program that supports your business and enhances your life, compliments of the Business Platinum Card®. You are pre-approved and you could earn 20,000 Membership Rewards® points as a welcome bonus!Upgrade Now.”)

i see someone posted this already:,2817,2305941,00.asp