$90/Night For Sukkos At The Atlantis Bahamas Resort With Kosherica!


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Grab this deal of a lifetime! It is only being offered for a limited number of bookings, so be sure to book now!

The Atlantis is ranked as one of the greatest family resorts in the world!

This rate is valid for up to 4 guests per room and includes minyanim, a sukkah, and full waterpark and aquarium access. Meals will be purchased at the resort.

You can also book Kosherica’s full program and for a limited time only take advantage of our amazing room rates for kids in their own connecting room. Based on availability. Prime rooms are booking fast. Scholar-in-Residence: Rabbi Steven Weil.

For more information on both program options click here: http://www.kosherica.com/sukkot/index.asp

www.kosherica.com  —-  1-877-724-5567  —-  info@kosherica.com

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aryeh simkin

does anyone know when this deal will be available until ?


Very limited time. Most likely less than 2 weeks.


The $90 rate doesn’t include meals. How much are meals p/p?


Click on the link for the exact details and prices.


The advertising seems to be misleading. $90/night per room or per person? And if person, is double occupancy required?


The way I understood it is that it’s $90 for up to 2 adults and 2 kids in a room.
Why do you think it’s a per person charge?


The price is per room per night for up to 4 guests in the room and the promo can expire any day. It depends on how many rooms are sold.


Is that what the website says? 90$ per room?


Seems misleading. When you click on the link it doesn’t say anywhere about this rate.

How can it be approx $1000 for the whole sukkos for a family of four??!


Would have gone here instead of israel if you guys would have run this ad two months ago !


it’s seems that a shabbos/yom tov meal is 123$ per person


But there is no separate price for food option


Can you bring your own food and eat in the sukkah ?


How do u book?


@Mordy: do some work please.

scroll down to:
Call 877-724-5567 to Book Your Atlantis Sukkot Reservation


@Jj: that is for the full program with fancy food and all you can eat buffets and bbq’s. there is a budget rate lower down the page.


For the full details of the A la Carte program you can click here – http://www.kosherica.com/sukkot/index.asp#budget. Rates are per room per night for up to 4 people in the room. Here is a link to approximate costs for food – http://www.kosherica.com/sukkot/images/KoshericaSukkotAlaCarteMenu.pdf

David d

Please explain to me where is the 90 a nite rate. I don’t see that anywhere.


Here you go – Beach tower nightly rate – http://www.kosherica.com/sukkot/index.asp#budget

David d

The prices there do not show 90 a day for 4 ppl. Did you look at it?


Look at the first column where it says 90.


Whats the closest airport to the resort ?




I also can’t see the 90 dollar deal


This program indicates that the sukkah is included with this budget priced program, however can the sukkah be used if we bring our own food, or do they not allow outside food brought in the sukkah? wondering if anyone has any info on this.


@Rachel – you can bring your own food and eat in the Sukkah. Please just check what the customs laws are with bringing in food into Nassau.