8 Children Left Without A Home! Help Them Rebuild Their Lives!

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8 Children Left Without A Home! Help Them Rebuild Their Lives!

On the night of Achron Shel Pesach, smoke was traveling rapidly all over Borough Park. Everyone sensed that something major must be happening, and indeed, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

And where there’s a lot of smoke there’s a major fire! Unfortunately, where there’s a major fire there’s a family without a roof, without clothing, without anything.

The fire by 10th Avenue and 43rd street destroyed the entire home and all its content.

The family ‘formerly’ residing in that house, is in a desperate and helpless state, without any family to support them in the face of their terrible loss!

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Oy! On Yom Tov? So sad. I hope ppl help them


When I’ve brought up the question about insurance coverage in the past, many people felt insulted and it resulted in deep critique and nastiness. I’ll pose the question differently as more of an “informative” question. When I’ve rented apartments and single-family homes, I was contractually obligated to purchase and maintain Renter’s Insurance coverage. When we purchased our first house last year, every mortgage lender required proof and continuation of a homeowner’s policy. Documentation was scrutinized, and verbiage was made clear that the insurance policy will be tied to the Escrow account, paid monthly in our mortgage. —-How is it possible that so many homes, commercial business, Chabad/other synagogue buildings don’t have insurance? What’s their trick, as I was never contractually or legally allowed to forgo coverage on any of my residences? I also always considered it a Chillul Hashem to go on without State minimum requirements of insurance (whether it be auto or home).


I’ve always wondered the same thing. I also think it’s a Chillul Hashem for people with kids to not purchase life insurance. If you suddenly die and leave behind 8 young kids, why do you expect your wife and community to be your “insurance policy”? When I see these fund raisers, I feel like a frier for dutifully paying thousands of dollars a year on premiums for life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, disability insurance, etc.


Anon, agreed. There is currently a fund for a tragic situation where the wife passed away. No life insurance. I believe it’s up to $2.5 million and counting… I just imagine what $2.5M could have gone to- a new shul, yeshiva, an entire kollel, mikvah.




Since we mostly agree that people need to take responsibility but we also want to be charitable, has anyone ever set up an insurance fund ?

Communities help pay for weddings and other simchas and to furnish homes, why not dedicate some of that money to a fund to buy home and life insurance? Fund it for several years and let the couple then take it on themselves to start paying after that.


That would actually be a good idea.

In any event, if a poor kollel guy with a young family created a fundraiser saying he can’t afford the $1K premium for his term life insurance policy but he wants to be a responsible guy and protect his family, he’d raise the money in a snap.


What you all don’t seem to understand is that yes there is a state minimum and mortgages make you have insurance but what happens after someone owns the house fully or if they rent woo is then making them responsible to carry insurance the answer is no one but wait why do you think they do not have insurance is it possible but they didn’t have any money to pay for this cheap item think of it for 1 minute forget about the fact that this family had a fire and lost everything but think prior do you realize they didn’t even have $1,000 extra per year to pay for home insurance even more so whenever somebody passes away and doesn’t have life insurance take a moment and think when they have these fundraisers Do you realize that this family prior to the death did not have that extra $1,000 a year which if you think it’s only $100 a month or only $3 a day but yes this family did not have that cheap $3 a day they could have saved them heartache embarrassment but it’s big course they didn’t have it so think this family not only didn’t have that $3 extra they probably didn’t even have food to put on the table so when we give charity we think wow look what we can do with $3 we could give it away to somebody and they will have this extra why wait for tragedy to give charity


The fact that people may not have money to buy insurance is unfortunately a reality for some. (Some people have the money but don’t consider it a priority. That’s part of a bigger problem)
But it is much less expensive for a community to buy insurance for people than to have fundraisers after a tragedy.
2.5 million could provide that $1000 per year insurance for 2,500 families. What piece of mind that would be for so many people!