5 Reasons Why You Should Make Scranton, PA Your New Home!

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  1. The Beth Shalom Congregation of Scranton is a warm, family oriented, modern orthodox community where everyone is welcome. As well as our daily minyanim and shiurim, we hold a weekly Kiddush, events for the Chagim, Chanukah and Purim parties, and more.
  2. Housing here is extremely affordable. An up to date, 6 bedroom house, recently sold for under $300,000. Check out zipcode 18510 on Zillow and see for yourself.
  3. The Beth Shalom Academy is an innovative new K-8 school. Established with the principles of providing a top-quality level of education in Secular and Judaic studies, your child is their priority. Small class sizes mean each child gets the attention and care that they need. And tuition fees are only $7,500 a year.
  4. We’re a small town, but we have all the amenities of Jewish life. Eruv, mikvah, kosher food, minyanim. And we are only a couple hours away from New York and New Jersey, you can easily visit and take advantage of the city.
  5. Scranton is close to nature and the great outdoors! The Pocono Mountains are a short drive away. Ski and snowboard in one of numerous ski resorts, and in the summer enjoy hiking, fishing, water parks and horseback riding.

For more information you can contact Mindy at 570-903-8027 or info@bethshalomscranton.com or click here.

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What kind of bear is best?


That’s a ridiculous question.

Dina Ganz

Bears beets Battlestar Galactica. Also, move to Scranton and become part of the office.


That’s a ridiculous question.


Bears. Beets. Battle star galactica.



Michael S.

I was pretty gruntled when I was reading this post.


What’s normally served at the weekly kiddush?

Kevin Malone

My Chilly

K. Malone.

Does the shul get pizza from Alfredo’s Pizza or from Pizza by Alfredo’s?

M. Rubin


Toby F.

Does Beth Shalom have an Assistant Rabbi or an Assistant to the Rabbi?


How much is it to rent? Probably makes more sense to commute from Scranton, as in Brooklyn, I have to circle around every day for hours looking for parking!


Around $900-$1,200 a month.


Mindy Kaling, is that you?


BJ Novak, is that you?


Do they have chili by the kiddush?

David Wallace

Its recently come to my attention, that the employees at the scranton branch are spending way too much time on Dan’s Deals.

Creed B.

Did you know that Joe Biden was born in scranton, I was a nurse at St Mary’s when he was born, no actually I was pretending to be a nurse so I could steal medical supplies. Anyway, this apple sure tastes weird, kinda like a potato….hmmm…

Kelly K.

Has anyone seen Ryan??


“Small class sizes mean each child gets the attention and care that they need”.


Free mini fridge for the first 10 people to move

Please like my video about Scranton -Michael

Is the kiddush club called the Finers Things Club?

Creed B.

I haven’t been to shul since I was on a Kibbutz in Israel in the 1960’s. Do you think The Grass Roots will be able to play the Purim Party?


I will open the Michael Scott Congregation and we will have lower membership cost

J. Levinson

Is there babysitting at the shul during davening?

Howie Mando

Is that a deal breaker for you??

Scotts Tots

Does the shul give college scholarships?

New Guy from Stamford

Anyone recommend a visit to the Anthracite Museum?


If I move to Scranton, would I be welcomed at the Scranton Yeshiva Bais Moshe? Would I get chavrusas there?

Harvey and Sheila Harvey

There is a rebbe that lives there, and has a large Tish by his house every Friday night. Amazing to see so many shtreimels in Scranton!

Jim H.

How far is the drive from Utica?

Karen F.

Jim, we broke up.

Jim H.

That’s what she said.


I will be the best Chazzan, Scranton will ever see


If Broccoli Rob is chazzan… I WILL LOSE IT!!!


What hechsher are the pretzels?

Jim Carrey

I’d rather be in the Finger Lakes


There’s this great bed and breakfast right outside of town on a beet farm, great for outdoor weddings during these unprecedented times


OH MY GOD. Okay, it’s happening!


I hear they have a great flonkerton league there.

Toby Flenderson

Did I ever mention about that time I was in the jury that put the Scranton Stranger in jail?

Mikey S

Toby, shut up. you always look like an amorphous blob of khaki


The Harry’s have invaded

Michael S

What’s the shul’s stance on superstition? I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.


When is pretzel day?


Um, is this the type of humor typical of Scranton? Just wondering…

M. Scott

I’m not superstitious of this place, but I am a little stitious

Michael Scarn - Threat level midnight

If I can’t pay my mortgage can I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY

Oscar Martinez

I just want you to know that you can’t just say the word bankruptcy and expect anything to happen.


I heard it smells like updog there.

Dwight, assistant regional manager

What’s updog?


Nothing much, what’s up with you?


This is huge!


That’s what she said

ben looking for less choices in the suburbs

Does the shul offer shul scholarships. it’s always the shuls membershipsbthat are a deal breaker. If it’s a free shul I am there


Any openings at the Beth Shalom “Three Weeks Acapella Choir”? Asking for a friend.



Andy B.

I hear the chazzan was part of a cappella group called “here comes treble”