Only 48 Hours Left For The Final Antarctica Cruise Raffle! Win A Cruise For Two In A Private Superior Cabin And $3,500 Cash!

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48 Hours Left! Don’t Miss Out On the Cruise Of A Lifetime To Antarctica! Win A Private Superior Cabin For Two And $3,500 Cash!

A Superior Cabin is located on a higher deck with a better view than a twin cabin. Superior rooms comes with a complementary in-room mini bar with kosher wine and beer, and more. Join Dan and 50 other DansDeals readers on a once-in-a-lifetime kosher catered trip of a lifetime to Antarctica!

Registration for the cruise is closed, so this is now the only way to join. This is the final opportunity to join the cruise.

405 tickets have already been sold, so don’t miss out on your chance to win. The raffle will be live streamed on Oct 8th.

The winner will receive:

  • Tickets for 2 passengers to cruise in a private upgraded superior cabin from Argentina to Antarctica.
  • $3,500 cash

Note that the winner will have to purchase their own airfare to Ushuaia, Argentina. The $3,500 cash portion of the prize will help with the airfare expense.

You can see Dan’s post on the trip here. You can read all of the details about the trip on the kosher cruise website at and you can find trip details and dates here. 

Khal Chasidei E 5th INC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a warm and friendly neighborhood shul. You raffle entry will help us expand and move into our permanent location.

Raffle entries are available for purchase here as follows:

  • 1 ticket for $129
  • 2 tickets for $200
  • 5 tickets for $400
  • 10 tickets for $700
  • 15 tickets for $1,000
  • 30 tickets for $1,800
  • 70 tickets for $3,600
  • 120 tickets for $5,400

General donations are welcome as well.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Buy your raffle tickets now!

P.S. Winner will have 12 hours from the time of drawing to submit names of the passengers.

For more information about this raffle or for shul dedication opportunities, please contact us at

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Hatzlacha with the raffle! Great place to be!


Can a baby come along? (2years old)

Hope to be there

Nope min age is 10 (i think)

Phil DDF

I hope they at least recover the amount they paid for ticket and advertising expenses. I feel sorry for charity, but I already bought tickets for previous raffles and cannot afford to buy additional tickets.

Shul Raffle

Thanks for the support, whether its buying tickets or sending the link around for others to buy!


Can we know how many tickets have been purchased (approximately) in order to calculate our chances of winning?


its in the post


Oh, I see it now. Well, at least the shul made back its money already. And it looks like the odds are better this time than in previous raffles.


The odds are definitely good.
I don’t think the Shul broke even yet when you factor in all the advertising costs etc. as well as some people buying the multiple ticket packages.


Although I’d like to see a shul have success, whether the shul “broke even” or not is our responsibility. The choices were responsibly their own. Although it’s a nice encouragement to be charitable, I give to my personal shuls and organizations with or without a raffle or potential reward in “this current world”.


On a prior raffle, the following comment & response was posted:
“What happens if I already bought the cruise and win this raffle?
August 8, 2018 5:01 pm
You would get a refund.”

Does same apply to this raffle ?


No, as the organization has already paid for a non-refundable cabin in this case.


I’m sure You’ll be able to fast sell it for a nice couple of thousand dollars..

Aviva Rosensweig

Hi everyone,
I am very interested in this trip but could not afford the full price ticket so I have entered the raffle.

Hopefully I will win 🙂

But if one of the other 404 tickets win, I might still be interested in purchasing a ticket second hand from someone for an affordable price. So please keep me in mind.

Thanks, and shana tova to everyone.


Word of friendly and humble advice; if your family budget is tight, treat these charitable raffles as any other charity. I too can’t afford this trip, but I don’t feel comfortable giving charity to other community shuls for the sake of potentially winning a raffle (and not giving because I truly VALUE that particular shul), as I already minimally give my local shuls (with or without a raffle). I never view giving my local Tomchai Shabbos (Sabbath meals for poor families) as a missed opportunity to spend the money elsewhere. If financially able and within your religious values of 10%, then you are certainly honorable and noble to be giving tzedaka for the sake of tzedaka. If the tickets are too expensive, then please consider $50, $36, even $5 to any charity of your choice- and NEVER view it as a loss.


My feelings exactly 🙂
Shabbat Shalom

Shul Raffle

Thank you to all that are purchasing!

Dan s fan

Who won the raffle ¿???