Only 48 Hours Left! Support Advanced Chinuch And Win Big! Only $36 For 1st Ticket, Plus Double Your Tickets When You Buy 2+

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Can Chinuch be modern with no compromises?

Can videos make your children’s lives better?

We think so. Maor creates bridges, connecting our modern, plugged in, generation to the indispensable basic Torah values of a frum yid.

We believe that investing in our children’s chinuch is investing in our future. Using technology as the pivotal point of connection, we deliver enjoyable, professional, and concise videos, three times a week, straight into the hands of our viewers.

We offer this as a free service to enable as many people as possible to watch, learn, and connect their children and homes to Torah and chassidus.

B”H today we have tens of thousands of children enjoying our videos, learning and changing their lives.

Now you have the opportunity to support this mission while being entered into a raffle to win up to $15,000 towards chinuch costs or $7,700 cash.

1st ticket is $36.

DansDeals Exclusive: When you purchase 2 or more tickets you will automatically receive double the tickets in your cart!

For example, $54 will get you 4 tickets instead of 2, $100 will get you 10 tickets instead of 5, etc.

Hurry, only 48 hours left to enter!

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Drawing On: Thursday – 17 Sivan, 5779 | June 20, 2019

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