4 Magazines For $16 From DiscountMags

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With DiscountMags 4 for $16 sale you can bundle your favorites including Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Popular Science, Wired, Entrepreneur, INC and many more! (Disclaimer: This link contains non-tznius pictures . Titles on sale are chosen by DiscountMags.)

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“Disclaimer: This link contains non-tznius pictures”

Thank you very much for the disclaimer. Very considerate of you.


alternative method – my apologies for the length, but I figured I’d make it all clear up-front than a give & take with a lot of questions for clarification (which I’ll still answer):

This doesn’t fix everyone on the first pass, but there’s a way to get Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Wired… free!

Register at http://www.rewardSurvey.com and fill out one questionnaire each week for a “$20” credit. Even if you aren’t going to “buy” something right away, you can bank the “money”. IOW, just accumulate the “money” until something comes up which catches your fancy. There are no catches, no gotchas, despite the fact it looks rather suspicious.

New Yorker just came out and it costs $69/year (that’s your cost, not the cost of an actual subscription, which IIRC, is well above the real $100+/year). I still have $400 sitting in my account after buying two years for myself and one for a friend whose subscription was about to expire.

RewardSurvey.com will charge you $10/year for Fast Company and Inc., whereas Entrepreneur and Wired cost you $15/year.

(meaning you could get Fast Company and Inc. for just one questionnaire (the current one!), then one week each for the other two and have some ca$h left)

(I consider Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fast Company to be the trifecta for the entrepreneurial world. (RIP Red Herring and Business 2.0)

And before I forget, they are pretty good about changing their inventory over time. e.g. They had Playboy 12-18 months ago for $15/year.

Finally: What’s the difference between filling out questionnaires from RewardSurvey.com and RewardsGold.com?

The former is mostly point & click (no keyboard necessary!) on 25-30 questions, all on one screen, no need to fill out all sorts of forms, most of which doesn’t come close to describing how you deal with RewardsGold. You can finish RewardSurvey.com in 2-3 minutes… tops.