2nd Chances Exist! You Can Still Win A Cruise Aboard The Journey Of A Lifetime To Antarctica, $3,500 Cash, And A Sea Kayaking Package!

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Please note: This is a sponsored post.

Chabad of Northeast Portland is proud to offer a raffle for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a kosher catered cruise to Antarctica.

The winner will receive:

  • 1 ticket for a passenger to cruise in a shared Triple Cabin, or a $14,000 credit that can be applied towards an upgraded cabin for 1 or 2 people on the cruise.
  • $3,500 cash
  • A Sea Kayaking Package in Antarctica ($795 value)

The Raffle Drawing will be on Tuesday, September 4th at 3pm Eastern Time. Note that a minimum amount of tickets must be sold for the raffle to take place. Your card will only be charged if and when this minimum is met.

The winner will have to purchase their own airfare to Ushuaia, Argentina. The $3,500 cash portion of the prize should be more than enough to cover that.

You can see Dan’s post on the trip here. You can read all of the details about the trip on the kosher cruise website at KosherAntarctica.com and you can find trip details and dates here. 

Raffle entries are available for purchase here as follows:

  • 1 ticket for $79
  • 3 tickets for $180
  • 8 tickets for $360
  • 13 tickets for $540
  • 25 tickets for $1000
  • 50 tickets for $1800
  • 120 tickets for $3,600

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Buy your raffle tickets now!

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I don’t understand
If you win are you sharing a cabin with strangers? Or you must upgrade?

David R

You got to be kidding so excited to try again


This is for 1 person only, right? The way the “prize” is worded I’m unclear how much would get applied against a superior cabin for 2.

High end hobo

Is the prize transferrable??


Please do this trip again in a few years!!!


Is their any way I can bring along a second person with me? How much extra would it cost?


Oiy yoi yoi.

Are people interested in a discounted raffle ticket to stay with strangers?


Yeah, I cant justify entering to “win” and then having to spend another $20,000 to actually be able to go.

Dan Fan

If I’m already paid and registered for the cruise as a couple and I win this raffle, could I still keep my twin room and use the $14,000 to get a refund from what I’ve already paid? Or is the raffle limited to new bookings?


Wow, so excited to get another chance.
It’s a experience with others.


Are there actually woman individuals who are going?

Fuel Free

Will there be a 1099 for this one, or same terms as last in that regard?


So if I win and cant go how much cash will I likely get?


Being that a minimum amount of tickets must be sold for this raffle to take place, is my donation going towards the chabad house or partly/fully towards the trip costs prize?


I was excited to see a second chance, but then unexcited to see that it was for a solo traveler 🙁 I’m not going alone, and I’m also not going to pay another $14k to bring my wife.


Makes sense, I agree. And even if I wanted to consider it a “guy’s outing trip” that wouldn’t go over so well.


In for 3!


thank you for a second chance excited to try again, if i purchase a ticket and win and i do not feel comfortable traveling in a triple cabin can i get the monetary value if i dont go on the trip?

Chabad of Northeast Portland


Thank you for your interest.
The cruise is transferable, in the eventuality that you choose not to go.

You can take the cash and the monetary value of the sea kayaking.


but how much might we expect to receive for 1 ticket in triple cabin if we cant go and want to flip it

Chabad of Northeast Portland

The cost of the cruise is $13,995.

By the time you would decide to sell it, it will be unavailable for the foreseeable future to people who decided they want to go last minute.

You do the math.


Are you the chabad house of Portland Maine or Portland Oregon?

Chabad of Northeast Portland

Oregon 🙂


This is awesome!!!
What an amazing prize…

Fuel Free

Amazing price and great cause. I ordered a ticket and had a friend buy a ticket too.


Am I allowed to make multiple ticket purchases? Bought a couple just now but tempted to buy more…


does this come with a private consult with Dan?


Just thought of a sick idea! Why dont we do another raffle for a suite and the money raised will go to open a new chabad house in Antarctica!


Lol if they have some empty cabins, thats a brilliant idea indeed 😉