24 Hours Only: Help ‘Yad Yisroel’ In Changing The Lives Of Jews In The Former Soviet Union!


Please note: This is a paid advertisement.

Your generosity today will enable Yad Yisroel to assist and inspire many Jews around the Former Soviet Union.

Find out more about us in our video on YouTube. And watch Riboin Ha’olamin sang by our children in Russia.

And we need YOU to be a part of it. In fact we can’t do it without YOU.

Donate now at https://goo.gl/QpPs05

We have just 24 hours to raise $720,000 for Yad Yisroel !

Your generous donation TODAY will ensure future generations of Jews will remain connected to their illustrious heritage. You will be making a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate children, young adults and elderly.


$250 grows into $1000! $175 grows into $700! $100 grows into $400!

Be a part of it! Donate now at https://goo.gl/QpPs05 or call 718-506-0134 or 718-438-9399 and bring life and joy to a fellow Jew!

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