2 Boxes Of Designer Checks for $8.95 Shipped From 4Checks

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Step 1: Click on a check style that you like and enter the following offer code on the product page and click “update pricing”: DWF140


Choose from over 800 styles of checks and get 2 boxes for just $8.95 shipped or 4 boxes are $19.80 shipped with that code.

2 boxes of carbon-copy checks are also available for $9.95 shipped.

  • Boxes of single checks contain 125 checks, so you’ll get 250 checks with this option.
  • Boxes of carbon-copy checks contain 100 checks, so you’ll get 200 checks with this option.

This code is generally limited to once per customer, however you can get the special from each of the check vendors (Artistic Checks, Check Gallery, etc), so if you’ve ordered in the past just look for a new vendor. In total there are 6 different vendors, so you can take advantage of this offer 6 times.



Step 2: You will need to click “no” on both of the EZShield offers that will in your cart. (One appears after declining the other)



Step 3: Decline in-plant rush and select USPS bulk shipping:


Sales tax may be collected, depending on your state.

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Is it possible to have the 2 checkbooks be to 2 separate accounts?


I used to work in printing and this was our cost price shipped so seems like a
solid deal to me. Can anyone confirm above though? I don’t see an option to use 2 dif bank accounts: 1 per checkbook?


Wow FINALLY the website got updated. It’s about time. Looks 10x better.


I don’t want my address on the checks, seems like it’s not removable


Anybody know about ezshield is it something that’s really important? Are you not covered from your bank for fraud?


When does this expire


Is this also valid for business checks?


wondering the same.


just got 4 boxes with ur code


They tack on $7.80 for “shipping and handling “. Plus tax. Even though I check usps for shipping.


No they don’t, you must have missed a step as outlined in this post.


They added shipping & tax to my order too. It showed neither before I went from order review to checkout but then added at the payment screen. I left my order in my basket and left.


Got 4 boxes for 20.99 shipped. Not too bad although it was 19.85