2 Boxes Of Designer Checks for $8.95 Shipped From 4Checks


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Step 1: Click on a check style that you like and enter the following offer code on the product page and click “update pricing”: DWF140

You can use this intro pricing up to 6 times, view how after the jump:




Choose from over 800 styles of checks and get 2 boxes for just $8.95 shipped or 4 boxes are $19.80 shipped with that code.

This code is generally limited to once per customer, however you can get the special from each of the check vendors (Artistic Checks, Check Gallery, etc), so if you’ve ordered in the past just look for a new vendor. In total there are 6 different vendors, so you can take advantage of this offer 6 times.

2 boxes of carbon-copy checks are also available for $9.95 shipped.

-Boxes of single checks contain 125 checks, so you’ll get 250 checks with this option.
-Boxes of carbon-copy checks contain 100 checks, so you’ll get 200 checks with this option.

Step 2: You will need to click “no thank you” on both of the EZShield offers that will in your cart. (One appears after declining the other)




Step 3: Decline in-plant rush and select USPS bulk shipping



Sales tax may be collected, depending on your state.

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Just bought 4 boxes as the price looks good, but this website has way to much pop ups & spam offers, don’t bother with any offer it’s worthless.


Dan, is this site legit?




$10 shipping.


Follow the instructions in the post. You must downgrade to USPS bulk.


Thanks so much- did everything you said.. even with free bulk shipping- the shipping at the payment page came to 3.95….


Is your total for 2 boxes $8.95 shipped or 4 boxes $19.80 shipped?


can this be used for business checks?


I have ordered here in the past and worked like you said, now was about to order more and yes I followed your instructions and its showing $3.90 in shipping and handling.


Dan, this is so not like you. Total comes out to $14.90…. I did the slow shipping…. they have a processing fee. Not like you to post a shady deal like this.. disappointed


You’re not following the steps correctly.
Just tried it again, 2 boxes for $8.95 including shipping.


@Dan, I got it to work at the end, but only after I switched the quantity to 1 and then back to 2. Not sure if it was me or the website… sorry for harsh remarks. These check websites are like movers. If you ever moved you know what I mean….


can this be used for business checks?


Worked perfectly for me – thank you!!


can this be used for business checks?


I order from this site all the times. works well shipping slow with the free option


I got 4 boxes for $20.99 , any idea why? it was 12 for 4 boxes plus 1.95 handling per box plus tax


I paid $8.95 shipped for TWO boxes, not four.