$13.99 for Kikiriki Shells – Save on Linda Leal, Plus Size, Maternity Shells and More!


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Kikiriki Shells only $13.99?! That’s right – all regular adult shells* of every color and every style are $13.99 for one week only! Just in time for the upcoming Yom Tovs!

Stock up on everyone’s favorite Kikiriki shells in over 30 colors to match any outfit! Everything you need for your modest layering needs, including our fresh shipment of Maternity Shells!

Available online only at http://www.shellsheli.com/
No coupon code necessary, just jump online and enjoy the savings!
Sale ends Monday September 7th at midnight.
Check it out!

Shell Sheli offers a huge array of styles:

Kikiriki shells & Linda Leal Shells
Maternity Shells
Kids Shells
Plus Sizes Shells
Skirt Extenders & Layering dresses
Full-length or midriff cut
Sleeveless, 3/4-sleeve, or long-sleeve
Tznius skirts
Tznius Tops

*$13.99 price excludes maternity and body suits which are 20% off.

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