SMOKING HOT!!! Fujifilm A700, 7.3 MegaPixel, 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera For Just $96.68 Shipped After Sale/Rebate!!!

Fujifilm A700 Linky
I personally confirmed that this rebate works…
$30 Rebate Linky


Happy Purim!

I’ll be taking the day off for the grand holiday of Purim.

For those of you still sober-Southwest is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Ding with some amazing fares (A quick search through some Ding offerings yielded Cleveland-Orlando for $29+ OW, and LAX-Oakland for $29+ OW)

Don’t know what Ding is? That’s why there’s a search button at the top of this site-Use it!


Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Headset For Just $25.98 Shipped!

Jabra BT350 Linky


Flying AA In Coach? Go To The Bathroom In Style…

AA is now allowing coach passengers to use the first-class lavs on domestic flights and on international flights departing from the US…
News Source Linky


Stock Up On Teas!!! $15 Off $39 Of Celestial Seasonings Tea At Amazon!

After the coupon you can get teabags for as low as a nickel apiece!
Celestial Seasonings Tea Linky
The 40-count 6-packs are $20.97 each-so pick up 2 of them (480 tea-bags) and it will be $26.94 shipped after the coupon.
The 20-count 6-packs are $13.23 each-so pick up 3 of them (360 tea-bags) and it will be $24.69 shipped after the coupon.

Use code: GOODTEA3


The Return Of The (Michael) Dell Coupons!

So Michael Dell is back as the head of Dell-what’s that mean for us?
Well, hopefully this is just a start:
$400 Off $1499+ Inspiron Notebooks: 9C12FJVBKTKPV$
25% Off $999+ Dimension Desktops: P$QZPQHMJPZN3J
Coupons valid only at Dell Home, not valid on XPS systems…
Dell Home Linky


SMOKING HOT!!! Pentax M20, 7 MegaPixel, 3x Optical Zoom, Ultra-Compact Digital Camera For Just $126.94 Shipped!!!

Amazing deal for a nice tiny camera…
Pentax M20 Linky

Buy a spare battery for $34.50 and get a free $18 photo poster print from shutterfly…
Battery Linky

And while you’re at it here’s a nice leather case for under $20…
Leather Case Linky

Where else can you pick up a 7MP camera, an oem spare battery, an oem leather case, and an $18 poster print for just $180 shipped?!?


Boiling Hot! USB GPS Locator And Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 For Just $50 Shipped!

This is today’s woot, so hurry up and buy it before it sells out!
Woot.com linky


Pittsburgh To/From Fort Lauderdale For $98+ RT!

Pittsburgh-Fort Lauderdale-$98+ RT On Northwest


Hot! 30GB Ipod Video For Just $199.95 Shipped!

30GB Ipod Linky
This is from B&H-so there is sales tax if you ship it to NY…


HOT! Samsung 17" LCD Monitor For Just $128.99 After Rebate And Coupon!

Samsung 17″ LCD Monitor Linky
$40 Rebate Linky
You have a choice of coupons here-you can either open up a new buy.com account, or open a new GCO account:
$10 Off $150 Coupon For New Buy.com Accounts

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2


Kingston 2 GB SD Card For Just $9.95 After Rebate (Or FAR With Google Checkout!)

Kingston 2 GB SD Card Linky
$18 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2


Refurbished Sony PSP For Just $149 Shipped!

Sony PSP Linky
Use the following code for $20 off: PSPOFF


Shhh…Airline Elite Status Matching…

In the past I’ve written about shortcuts to elite status with AA and United, and about Airtran offering lifetime elite-status matches.(All accessible in the knowledgebase)

All of this stuff is unofficial-so YMMV-your mileage may vary, and you won’t find any of this information on the airline’s websites.

United is known to match up to 1P (mid-tier) status.
Send a copy of your current elite status card or statement to:
Mileage Plus Service Center
Attention: Premier Status Match
P.O. Box 28870
Tucson, AZ 85726

Or fax it to:

It won’t hurt your case if you explain why you might switch your business to United.

Stay tuned for more airlines that offer status matching…


Join The Mapquest Community-Earn Amazon GC’s!

Mapquest Community Signup Linky


HOT!!! iHome iH26 Portable Travel iPod Speaker System/Alarm Clock Radio For Just $78 Shipped!

iHome makes top-notch speakers for ipods-plus their systems charge the ipod and lets you wake up to your music!
-This system works with the included AC adapter or 4 AAA batteries.
-Comes with a carrying case and a remote control.
-Compatible with all iPods
-Plays music/alarm from any MP3 player or CD Player-it just won’t charge them.

iHome iH26 Linky



Effective today Costco is starting to roll out a new return policy!
Costco of course is famous for allowing lifetime returns on nearly everything they sell.

The items subject to the new 90-day return policy are:
-Cell Phones
-Ipods/MP3 Players

Here is the nationwide rollout schedule:
Costco.com/California: Effective immediately.
Remaining West Coast: 3/12
Midwest/Texas: 3/19
Northeast: 3/26
Southeast/Puerto Rico: 4/2

Items bought before these dates will still have lifetime return privileges.
Items bought on or after these dates will be subject to a 90-day return policy.

In addition:
-Costco will extend the manufacturers warranty for computers and tv’s until 2 years from the purchase date.
-Costco will provide free technical support for these items(excluding cell phones) by calling: 866-861-0450

New Policy Brochure Linky

The jury is still out on whether Sam’s Club(which only recently matched costco’s lifetime policy) will match this new return policy, or keep their’s for a competitive advantage.


$10 Off $49 On Crest Products From Amazon!

This is good for toothpaste, power toothbrushes, and Crest whitestrips…
Crest Products Linky


2 Thumbs Up For AA!

AA’s new mileage-ticket search is the best that I’ve seen yet, it makes it easy for anyone to find cheap mileage flights, and really puts the pressure on laggards like Delta to improve their search capability.
Check it out without having to login at aa.com, just check the “Beta-Redeem AAdvantage Miles” box when checking for flights.

The only missing link now is for them to include all oneworld partner mileage award availability…


1 GB SD Card For Free After $30 Rebate!

Shipping appears to be free on this card as well…
SD Card Linky
$30 Rebate Linky


BOILING HOT! Hurry! $10 Off $10 And Free Shipping At Palm.com!!!

Update: DEAD!

Palm.com Linky
Use the following code at the checkout page, put it into the GC/promo box, leave the pin box blank, and select “apply”: CRT10

There’s plenty of $10 stuff that you can get for free (just click on the accessories tab to find stuff), but my favorite item is the treo stylus/pens, I cant tell you how many times the pen part of it has come in handy!
A 3-pack of styli with built-in pens for the treo is normally $14.99+shipping, but is now just $4.99 shipped with the coupon!
Styli With Built-In Pens For Treo 650/700 Series Linky
Styli With Built-In Pens For Treo 680/750 Series Linky


NYC To/From Phoenix For $109+ Round Trip!!!

Update: Dead
NYC-Phoenix -$109+ RT On AA
HT: nanojew


Any Big Maple Syrup Fans Out There? Today Only-3 Jugs Of Coomb’s Grade A Maple Syrup, Normally $75-Now $25 Shipped From Amazon!!

Maple Syrup Linky
The syrup is certified organic and kosher…
According to the reviewers once you’ve tried this you’ll never go back to the high-fructose fake stuff…
Use the following code for $5 off of 3 jugs:(Exp: Today) COOMBS34


$10 Off $39 On Post Cereal From Amazon!

Post Cereal Linky
Use code(Exp: 02/28): POSTFOOD


Post Labels Menu Added!

Due to popular demand I worked out a hack(which took longer than I thought it would) to get a drop-down menu of the post labels so that you can read specific categories of deals.
In fact they are better than the ones that appear under each post because they aren’t limited to only 20 posts.
The drop-down menu currently resides under the Ctownbochur.com Knowledgebase in the sidebar.


HOT!!! No Rebates! ER6i Noice Cancelling Earphones, Normally $130, Now Just $69.99 Shipped!!!

These great earbuds are “highly recommended” by the experts at ilounge…

Black ER6i’s Linky
ilounge.com Review Linky


Akron, OH To/From Denver Or Kansas City For $118+ Round Trip!!!

Fare is valid through the end of United’s schedule!
Akron-Denver-$118+ RT On United
Akron-Kansas City-$118+ RT On United


2 Pack Kingston 1 GB USB Flash Drives For $4.99 Shipped After Rebate!

2 Pack Kingston 1 GB USB Flash Drives Linky
$49 Rebate Linky


HOT!!! 1 GB Micro-SD Card And Full Size SD Card Adapter For Just $4.99 Shipped After $20 Rebate!

1 GB Micro-SD Card And Full Size SD Card Adapter Linky
$20 Rebate Linky


WD 160GB Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive For $134.99 Shipped! No Rebates!

The best part about the 2.5″ ultra-potable external hard drive is that it doesn’t require an external power source, just plug in the USB and you’re good to go!

WD 160GB Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive Linky


Free Celestial Seasongings Herbal Expedition Kit!

Free Celestial Seasongings Herbal Expedition Kit Linky
This comes with a bunch of free tea samples as well!


Flying Northwest And Don’t Have A Worldperks Account?

Fly once-get 2,500 bonus miles.
Fly twice-get 7,500 total bonus miles.
Fly three times and get 17,500 total bonus miles.
If you’re flying Northwest and dont have a worldperks account email me for a referral into this promotion!


Dell E1505 Notebook For Just $749 Shipped!!!

I got a few emails asking what happened to the days when I would post a good dell deal every week.
A while back Dell had $750 off $1499 promotions on a regular basis.
Unfortunately those are now long gone. (A quick search of this site shows that the last time that promo was offered was back in July of 2005)
At any rate it appears my boycott of posting Dell deals in protest of the elimination of their amazing coupons isn’t going to change anything, so here’s a nice deal for a Vista notebook, no coupon required.

E1505 Linky
-Core Duo 1.73GHz
-Microsoft Vista, Premium Edition
-15.4″ TruLife LCD
-1GB Ram
-80GB Hard Drive (120GB is $55 more)
-24x CD Burner/DVD Reader (DVD Burner is $40 more)
-Wi-Fi 802.11b/g


Advertisement: Save 5% With Ctowndeals!!!

THE PURIM SHOWCASE features an outstanding variety of
quality and unique Purim gifts and arrangements, loaded with choice delectables.
COUPON CODE: CTOWN07 when checking out entitles you to 5% off your order.


HOT!!! Eton Sound Ipod Speaker System-Normally $120, Now Just $39.99 Shipped After Sale/Rebate From Amazon!!!

Eton Sound Ipod Speaker System Linky
$30 Rebate Linky


Don’t Like Rebates? 1GB USB Flash Drive For $11.99, 2 GB For $24.99 From Amazon!

Free shipping if you have amazon prime, but you’ll need to buy 2 of these or add something else sold by amazon to get over $25 total to get free shipping otherwise.
1GB USB Flash Drive Linky
2GB USB Flash Drive Linky


500,000 Hit Promo Ends Today!

To receive credit:
All credit cards must be applied for by 02/20-11:59PM EST.
You must email me with all the required information by 02/21-12:30AM EST
Rewards will be sent out, and the raffle will be held within 2 weeks.
Hope you all enjoyed the promo, and thanks to everyone who participated!


Open A Citibank Free Checking Account And 4.75% E-Savings Account With No Balance Requirements And Get $50!

While Citibank sometimes has offers to earn 10,000 miles when opening an account, those offers often require 12 months worth of direct deposits or other jumping through hoops to get the reward.
With this offer none of that is required, and the checking account doesnt require any actions or minimum balance to stay free.

Offer Linky
My favorite part? Apply with an address from a county without a citibank and when you take out money from another bank’s ATM they’ll not only waive their own ATM access fee, but they’ll reimburse you for the other bank’s ATM charge!
Citibank also now has free next-day transfers to other banks…


Planning On Spending A Lot Of $$$$ On AA? Prepay And Get Automatic Elite Status!

American Airlines Prepaid Travel Card Linky
$5,000 travel card=Gold
$10,000 travel card=Platinum
$20,000 travel card=Executive Platinum
Executive Platinum is arguably the best top-tier status of any airline, some of the benefits include things such as 8 free confirmed international upgrades, unlimited top priority domestic upgrades, double miles on all flights, waived award fees, and a special CS phone number where the AAngels will make sure that you get whatever you need…


HOT! Ridata 25 Pack Burnable DVD’s For $1.99 Shipped After $10 Rebate!

Burnable DVD’s Linky
$10 Rebate Linky


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