Reminder: Free Companion Tickets Must Be Booked By 03/31!
There’s still time to apply for a Jetblue card to catch this deal!

Have a Jetblue Amex?
You’re in luck!
You can bring along 1 companion for every Jetblue trip you take between April 24 and May 23 for free!
This offer even includes international destinations!

Jetblue Route Map Linky
-Tickets must be booked by March 31st.
-The primary cardholder must be one of the passengers.
You must book tickets via the phone at 800-JETBLUE, just ask for the Jetblue Amex free companion deal.

Remember to use your Jetblue Business Amex to save get a 5% rebate off the cost of all your Jetblue tickets!

Don’t have a Jetblue Amex?
There’s still time to get one for this promo!
Just wait for a couple days after you are approved and then call Amex to ask them to expedite the delivery of your credit card.
Plus your Jetblue credits won’t expire when you have any Jetblue Amex!
Jetblue Consumer Amex Linky
Jetblue Business Amex Linky

Read the Card Profile for a breakdown of card fees and benefits:
Jetblue Amex Credit Card Profile Linky

Jetblue LCC Roundup Linky


Free Times Select Access($50 Annual Value) If You Have A .edu Email Address!

Not quite as nice as the $35 Ticketmaster GC, but still…
Offer Linky


NYC-S. Fransisco For $158+ RT!

Save 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: Onepass

NYC-S. Fransisco-$158+ RT On Continental


Jetblue: "We’re Still Looking For Signs Of Life In Pittsburgh…"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Signs Of Life” Article Linky

Apparently the residents of Pittsburgh have short-term memory loss.

When I went to high school there, tickets to NYC(or to anywhere for that matter) were monopolized by USAirways, who controlled some 95% of all PIT flights back then.

Understandably tickets were prohibitively expensive, in the $200 range for advance purchase tickets for the sub-1 hour hop to NYC(forget about if you didnt buy it 14 days in advance with a Saturday night stay).

Along came Airtran in 2001 to take on big bad USAir and offered $98 RT fares, which of course USAir matched.

By this point everyone forgot about Pre-Airtran prices and flew with USAir.

Airtran brought the RT price all the way down $58 before calling it quits the same year the service started. They cited lack of support from the Pittsburgh community for their flights. (Airtran would go on to shift their NYC flights to, and start a mini-hub in Akron, OH, driving down fares in Cleveland as a result…)

Of course once Airtran ended PIT-NYC service prices to NYC went up overnight.

Luckily for Pittsburgh, in 2006 Jetblue bought regional jets and decided that Pittsburgh was once again ready for NYC flights.

Unfortunately the same cycle is happening again, with Jetblue introducing flights at $98 RT before dropping them to $58 RT (Or even $24 RT for Ctown readers)

Speaking about Pittsburghers a Jetblue spokesman said, “JetBlue’s four daily flights to New York and two to Boston have many empty seats…They continue to fly US (Airways), but now they fly at the $59 fare vs. the $199 they charged before we entered the market”

-Why won’t Pittsburghers fly with the airline causing the low fares?
-Is Pittsburgh just not capable of supporting an LCC?

-Pittsburgh Ctownreaders-Support your LCC carriers: Use them or lose them(Believe me CLE will more than happy to have Jetblue)!


Megabus Expands Route Network!

Megabus, with its hub in Chicago is expanding.
How they are able to expand while offering $1 tickets is beyond me, but expanding they are.
The cheapest tickets ($1) are available when you book a few weeks in advance-the middle of the week is usually cheaper as well.

I found plenty of availability for tickets between Cleveland and Pittsburgh for just a buck!
New Megabus Route Map Linky

Thanks T.C.N. for the heads up!


Tired Of Tabloid (Time, Newsweek…) News Magazines? Try Out The Economist!

The economist is a really good news magazine-and it’s also one of the most expensive and hardest to find a typical cheap subscription deal on.
They are having a 12 issue trial for just $12, which is the cheapest I’ve ever seen this go for…
$12 Offer Linky


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Please take the time to participate in this poll so that I can know why you come here and to help better tailor the site for what you want!
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15% Off At Express!

Coupon Linky(Exp: 03/13!)


$5 Off $25 At Toys R US!

Coupon Linky


4 GB, 1st Generation Ipod Nano(Refurbished) For Just $129 Shipped!

Worried about it being “refurbished?” Buy it on your Amex Starwood and have a 3 month return privilege in case you’re not happy with it!
Nano Linky


Sony Ericsson W810i For Negative $100 After Rebate When Signing Up Or Upgrading With Cingular!

Amazon is currently offering free 2nd shipping on phone as well…
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Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter For Just $18 Shipped!

This bluetooth 2.0 has a much faster data transfer speed than previous usb bluetooth adapters…
Bluetooth 2.0/EDR USB Adapter Linky
Use code(Exp 03/12): hdw4doff


Hot Coupons For Jos. A. Bank!

Up to $200 off on suits, jackets, and coats, etc.
Coupons Linky(Exp. 03/19)


AA, NWA Offer $118 Fare From NYC-Milwaukee, Midwest Retaliates!

I love hub attacks, it’s quite fun to watch the airlines battle back and forth with ridiculously low prices.

Yesterday AA and NWA published $118+ fares from NYC-MKE.

Apparently Midwest didnt take too kindly to this attack on their primary hub as they have just responded with $118+ fares from into their hubs.
Give it until 4:00pm or so for these fares to take effect.

NYC-Dallas-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-S. Louis-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-Minneapolis/S. Paul-$118+ RT On Midwest


As Promised: Continental Returns The Favor…

Update: Continental isn’t finished with United and their $94 hub attack just yet, they just filed a $94 NYC-DEN fare, which will be bookable by 4:00pm or so…

Continental just published a $94 between the United hubs of Denver and Washington D.C.
Save 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: Onepass
Should be bookable by about 4:00pm est.

NYC-Denver-$94+ RT On Continental
Washington D.C.-Denver-$94+ RT On Continental


1 GB USB Flash Drive For $4.95 Shipped After Rebate-Or Negative $5.05 After Google Checkout!

1 GB USB Flash Drive Linky
$40 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2


BOILING HOT! Netgear Wireless Range Extender Kit For Just $24.99 Shipped!

Update:Sold Out!
These normally retail for at least $100-so grab this woot quickly before it sells out!!!
Woot.com linky

It is refurbished-so be sure to put it on your Starwood card!


Palm Treo 680 For Free After Rebate When Signing Up Or Upgrading With Cingular!

Amazon is currently offering free 2nd shipping on this item…
Treo 680 Linky


Pittsburgh To/From San Juan For Just $127+ RT!

Seems to be quite the day for low airfares…
This fare should be bookable by 1:00AM EST.
Pittsburgh-San Juan, PR-$127+ RT On United


Fare Alert 03/08: United Strikes Continental’s Hubs!

United just published $94+ RT fares for travel in between any of Continental’s domestic hubs, Cleveland, Houston, and Newark.
The fare should be bookable at united.com no later than 1:00 pm est.
Too bad they didn’t price this out to Continental’s hub in Guam…
Stay tuned for Continental’s response!

Newark-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United
Newark-Houston-$94+ RTOn United
Cleveland-Houston-$94+ RT On United
Cleveland-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Newark-$94+ RT On United
Houston-Cleveland-$94+ RT On United


Free $35 Ticketmaster GC And A Free Jimi Wallet If You Have A .edu Email Adrdess And A Chase Credit Card!

Step 1: Register for a Facebook account saying that you are a college or graduate student-you will need an email address ending in .edu

Step 2: After you’ve confirmed your facebook account visit the Chase Facebook Page.

Step 3: Join the chase group to earn 1 “karma” point, take a short quiz on credit(any reader of this site will have no trouble!) to earn 5 points and then link up any chase credit card to earn 10 points (Don’t have a chase card? Go to yesterday’s $150 Continental deal and sign up for one!) You will now have 16 points.

Step 4: Redeem 15 points for the $35 Ticketmaster GC and use the leftover point to get a free jimi wallet!

The whole process shouldn’t take more than about 5 minutes or so-Enjoy!


AD: Milano Collection Announces International Pre-Pesach Wig Sale!

14 Sales in 14 Days–Coming to Your City!
*Click on Your City for $50 Coupon*

Baltimore-March 06
Monsey-March 08
Brooklyn-March 10-11
Chicago-March 11
London-March 11
Toronto South-March 11
Toronto North-March 12
Montreal-March 13
Williamsburg-March 14
Lakewood-March 17-18
Los Angeles-March 18
Los Angeles/Valley-March 18
Miami-March 18
North Miami-March 19


HOT! One-Touch Backup Aluminum Hard Drive Enclosure For Just $14.99 Shipped After Rebate Or Just $4.99 After Google Checkout!

This is an enclosure to make an internal 3.5″ desktop hard drive into an external hard drive.
Hard Drive Enclosure Linky
$32 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2


Is "A La Carte" Airline Pricing Inevitable?

Spirit announced today that effective 06/20 there will be no more free checked luggage or even free soda on a flight. (Apparently last month’s move from 2 bags to 1 bag wasn’t enough)

I don’t think we’re far off from a time when buying a plane ticket will just be the beginning.
Sure you’ll be able to fly from lax-jfk for $200 round trip, but don’t be surprised when some of these extras don’t come included…
-Mileage fee
-Checked luggage fee
-Carry-on luggage(luggage bin fee?)
-Checking in with an agent
-Pre-reserved seat
-Exit row seat
-Aisle/Window seat
-Expedited Security/Pre-Boarding fee

Agree? Disagree? Sound off!


CDMA Treo 755P Information Leaked….

A new CDMA(Sprint/Verizon) Palm OS based Treo is coming out soon!
It will come in multiple colors and will feature an internal antenna, among many new features…
The Sprint 755P is expected to be released in mid-May.


HOT! 1 GB Micro-SD Card For $2.95 Shipped After $17 Rebate Or Negative $7 After Google Checkout!

1 GB Micro-SD Card Linky
$17 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
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2 Ipod/MP3 Player FM Transmitters For $24.99 Shipped!

Update: Sold Out!
This is today’s woot, so hurry up and buy it before it sells out!
Woot.com linky

These are refurbished, but they appear to have a lot of nice features for such a cheap product.
Put it on your Starwood card so that you’ll have a 90 day return privilege if you’re worried about it being a refurb.


HOT! 2 GB SD Card/ USB Flash Drive Combo Device For $14.95 Shipped After $12 Rebate Or $4.95 After Google Checkout!

Update: Dead!
2 GB SD Card/ USB Flash Drive Combo Linky
$12 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 2


Notebook Cooler Fan For $9.99 Shipped After $10 Rebate Or FAR After Google Checkout!

Notebook Cooler Fan Linky
$10 Rebate Linky

$10 Off $10 Google Checkout Info/Instructions Post 1
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Wii Play Game And Bonus Wiimote For $51.98 Shipped!

The wiimote itself is worth $40-so the game is a steal!
Side note-Kudos to Nintendo for creating such an amazing and interactive gaming platform at such an affordible price!
Don’t have a Wii? No wonder you think that exercising can’t be fun!
Wii Play With Bonus Wiimote Linky


Save $15 Off $39 On Terra/Garden of Eatin’ Chips At Amazon!!

Terra/Garden of Eatin’ Chips Linky
Use code: SNACK233
Yay-Now I won’t have to risk waiting on the tarmac for 10 hours just to get my (jet)blue chip fix…


SMOKING HOT!!! Fujifilm A700, 7.3 MegaPixel, 3x Optical Zoom Digital Camera For Just $96.68 Shipped After Sale/Rebate!!!

Fujifilm A700 Linky
I personally confirmed that this rebate works…
$30 Rebate Linky


Happy Purim!

I’ll be taking the day off for the grand holiday of Purim.

For those of you still sober-Southwest is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of Ding with some amazing fares (A quick search through some Ding offerings yielded Cleveland-Orlando for $29+ OW, and LAX-Oakland for $29+ OW)

Don’t know what Ding is? That’s why there’s a search button at the top of this site-Use it!


Jabra BT350 Bluetooth Headset For Just $25.98 Shipped!

Jabra BT350 Linky


Flying AA In Coach? Go To The Bathroom In Style…

AA is now allowing coach passengers to use the first-class lavs on domestic flights and on international flights departing from the US…
News Source Linky


Stock Up On Teas!!! $15 Off $39 Of Celestial Seasonings Tea At Amazon!

After the coupon you can get teabags for as low as a nickel apiece!
Celestial Seasonings Tea Linky
The 40-count 6-packs are $20.97 each-so pick up 2 of them (480 tea-bags) and it will be $26.94 shipped after the coupon.
The 20-count 6-packs are $13.23 each-so pick up 3 of them (360 tea-bags) and it will be $24.69 shipped after the coupon.

Use code: GOODTEA3


The Return Of The (Michael) Dell Coupons!

So Michael Dell is back as the head of Dell-what’s that mean for us?
Well, hopefully this is just a start:
$400 Off $1499+ Inspiron Notebooks: 9C12FJVBKTKPV$
25% Off $999+ Dimension Desktops: P$QZPQHMJPZN3J
Coupons valid only at Dell Home, not valid on XPS systems…
Dell Home Linky


SMOKING HOT!!! Pentax M20, 7 MegaPixel, 3x Optical Zoom, Ultra-Compact Digital Camera For Just $126.94 Shipped!!!

Amazing deal for a nice tiny camera…
Pentax M20 Linky

Buy a spare battery for $34.50 and get a free $18 photo poster print from shutterfly…
Battery Linky

And while you’re at it here’s a nice leather case for under $20…
Leather Case Linky

Where else can you pick up a 7MP camera, an oem spare battery, an oem leather case, and an $18 poster print for just $180 shipped?!?


Boiling Hot! USB GPS Locator And Microsoft Streets and Trips 2006 For Just $50 Shipped!

This is today’s woot, so hurry up and buy it before it sells out!
Woot.com linky


Pittsburgh To/From Fort Lauderdale For $98+ RT!

Pittsburgh-Fort Lauderdale-$98+ RT On Northwest


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