Sony Ericsson HBV-100 Bluetooth Headset and USB Adapter VOIP Adapter For $74 Shipped!

This is a pretty neat concept, the bluetooth headset will work fine with any bluetooth cell phone, but it is intended to be used together with the included USB VOIP adapter so that you can use Skype or other internet calls with a comfortable bluetooth headset.
Retails for $100+tax/shipping directly from Sony…
Sony Ericsson HBV-100 Linky
This is sold by MobileCityOnline, via amazon, so shipping charges do apply.


Chicago To/From Ontario, CA For $138+RT!

Chicago-Ontario, CA-$138+ RT On Various Airlines.


Sunday Poll Question: How Many Credit Cards Have You Applied For In The Past 12 Months?

Applied for 2 AA cards during last year’s 25K promo, did all 4 cards during both of the $250 cash back Amex promos, got the $250 cash back Chase freedom cards, applied for the Jetblue card just for the free companion tickets or the 5% off, got the Continental card for the $150 credit and 5% off, churn cards to get lifetime elite status, carry 4 Starwood cards, nailed all 7 cards and a free RT business class ticket during the ctownpromo (Yes, I will have an update on that this week!)?

Congratulations, Ctownaddict!

Vote Now!

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Does Having Multiple Cards Affect Your Credit Score?

How Many Credit Cards Have You Applied For In The Past 12 Months?
More Than 20 (=Ctownchosid)


Get $25 Restaurant Certificates For $4 Or Less!

Be sure to use this link so you can support this site while you save!
Restaurant.com Linky
Enter the following code in your cart and then click “recalculate”: MADNESS (Exp: 3/31)

Kosher restaurants include:
-BB’s Bagels-Category: American-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20
-De’nali’s-Category: Vegetarian-$10 Off $20 Certificate For $1.20
-Michael C’s-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-The Great Chicago Food & Beverage-Category: American-$10 Off $30 For $1.20
Los Angeles:
-Delice Bakery-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Tea For Two-Category: Italian-$10 Off $15 Certificate For $1.20 or $25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
New York:
-Abigael’s-Category: American-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Bistro Grill-Category: French-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Da Mikelle II-Category Italian-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4
-Domani’s Ristorante-Category: Italian-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4
-Park East Grill-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $25 Certificate For $4*
-Talia’s Steakhouse-Category: Jewish/Kosher-$25 Off $35 Certificate For $4*
If You Find Any More Kosher Restaurants Then Please Post A Comment!
Please Note: Certificates are valid for dine-in only, and may have other restrictions!
*To get the $4 price at Park East Grill or Talia’s Steakhouse, you must purchase a $25 gift certificate for a “friend” in the “give a gift” section, and then redeem that restaurant.com GC for the actual restaurant certificate that you want…


Reminder: Today Is The Last Day For Costco’s Lifetime Return Policy In The Northeast!

Original Costco Policy Change Post Linky
See the original post for more details…


2 GB Mini-SD Card For $12.95 Shipped After Rebate! ($2.95 With Google Checkout)

2 GB Mini-SD Card Linky
$15 Rebate Linky


1 GB Micro-SD Card For $2.95 Shipped After Rebate! (-$7.05 With Google Checkout)

1 GB Micro-SD Card Linky
$17 Rebate Linky


More Hub-War Activity…

NYC-Phoenix(USAir hub)-$118+ RT On Midwest
NYC-Milwaukee(Midwest Hub)-$118+ RT On USAirways
NYC-Atlanta(Delta hub, retaliation coming?)-$118+ RT On USAirways
NYC-Denver(United hub, retaliation coming?)-$128+ RT On Delta


US, EU Ratify "Open Skies" Agreement!

Get ready for a new round of fare wars starting in March of 2008!

As part of this agreement:
-All US and European based airlines may fly from London Heathrow into the US (Previously only AA, British, Virgin, and United could)
-US airlines can now fly and sell tickets to any European city, including intra-Europe flights. (Previously all flights had to either originate or terminate in the US, and even US-Europe flights required specific permission to each airline from each country.)
-European airlines can now fly from any European city into any US city. (Previously they could only fly to/from their home country)


Continental Flight 84 From Newark-Tel Aviv Suffers "Uncontained Engine Failure" While On Runway, Aborts Takeoff…

This happened this past Tuesday. I’m not sure why this story wasn’t on any of the major news sites…anyone know somebody that was on this flight?
Story Linky


Muy Caliente! Hurry!!! Los Angeles To San Salvador For $150+ RT On United!!!

Update: 2:30pm-DEAD!
Los Angeles To San Salvador-$150+ RT
Currently only bookable on Travelocity so find valid dates on farecompare using the above link and then plug them into travelocity.
Comes out to about $241 after all international taxes and booking fees…


List Of Woot-Off Checkers…

Woot-off checkers are great to leave open as a tab in your browser because they automatically update and tell you when the next woot has started…

The trick is to find one that is stable!

Here is a list of a whole bunch of them-if you find a good one be sure to come back and post it!
Woot-Off Checkers Linky


Woot-Off Starts Tonight!!!

Remember-the good deals last just a few minutes, so check often!
Who knows, you may even get to buy a Bag Of Crap…
HT: Asher O.


Delta Launches Flexible Award Search, Exposes Just How Bad Their Skysaver Availability Really Is…

Less than a month ago I posted about AA’s amazing new flexible search feature.
I mentioned then that the move would “put the pressure on laggards like Delta to improve their search capability.”

Well, Delta is now finally entering the 21st century as well and is letting you see the availability of the entire month-although not nearly as eloquently as AA.

The amazing thing about it is the utter lack of so called “skysaver” seating.
I checked many routes that didnt even have a single mileage seat available at the restricted rate for the entire month-long calender view!

Here’s hoping more airlines become more generous like AA in mileage seat availability and not move to the unbelievable stinginess of Delta…


HOT! $10 Off $25 Coupon At Dick’s Sporting Goods!

Coupon Linky(Exp: 04/14)
Coupon requires signup in Dicks free rewards program…


Free Rita’s Italian Ices Today!

Rita’s is giving away free ices today at all of their locations!

“All of our Italian Ice mixes and raw custard are certified by the Orthodox Union as kosher at the point of manufacture. The finished product served at the window is not kosher unless the Orthodox Union has certified the store serving the product.
A certified kosher store should have the OU certificate posted in the window or be able to produce a current OU certificate.”

HT: M.C.


CA Internet Security Suite 2007 For Negative $5 After Rebates!

CA Internet Security Suite 2007 Linky
This is negative $5 with a new new buy.com account(just use a new email address) or -$10 with a new Google checkout account.
$5 New Customer Coupon Linky
$25 Rebate Linky #1(Exp: 03/31/07)
$25 Rebate Linky #2(Exp: 09/30/07)
Brought to you in part by the LGA PC…


HOT! NYC To/From Houston For $98+ Round Trip!!!

NYC-Houston-$98+ RT On AA


8-Piece Stainless-Steel Steak Knives In Wooden Gift Box-Normally $38-Now Just $9.99!

Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, otherwise you’ll need to have $25 worth of stuff to get free shipping…
Steak Knives Linky


BOILING HOT!!! HURRY!!! Free $15 Gas Card Courtesy Of Nissan!!!

Update: DEAD!(Now Requires A Code!)
Free $15 Gas Card Linky


2 GB SD Card For Free After Rebate!

2 GB SD Card Linky
This is free with a new new buy.com account(just use a new email address) or -$5 with a new Google checkout account.
$5 New Customer Coupon Linky
$49 Rebate Linky(Limit:2)


50% Off Already Discounted Ipod Accessories!

Sale Linky
Get ipod cases, cables and chargers starting at just $4 shipped!
Apply the following code at checkout: i50


Jabra BT150 Bluetooth Headset For Just $9.99 Shipped After Rebate!

Headset Linky
$30 Rebate Linky


8 GB USB Flash Drive For Just $65.99 Shipped After Rebate!

8 GB USB Flash Drive Linky
$30 Rebate Linky


Free Ipod Case For Students!

Free Ipod Case Linky


Warm! Hurry! Free Gore-Tex Windstopper Headband!!!

Update: DEAD!
Free Gore-Tex Windstopper Headband Linky


Reminder: Today Is The Last Day For Costco’s Lifetime Return Policy In The Midwest And Texas!

Original Costco Policy Change Post Linky
See the original post for more details…

Anything bought today at Costco where the new policy hasn’t gone into effect yet will be grandfathered into the lifetime return policy.

Here is the nationwide rollout schedule:
Costco.com/California: 2/26
Remaining West Coast: 3/12
Midwest/Texas: 3/19
Northeast: 3/26
Southeast/Puerto Rico: 4/2


USB Bluetooth Adapter And A Led Flashlight For Just $4.99 Shipped!!!

USB Bluetooth Adapter Linky
Also if you sign up for their newsletter before you order you’ll get a free LED flashlight, just put the following code into the notes/instruction section before placing your order: KWKCP06
Free Led Flashlight Info Linky


Free Deck Of Cards!

Free Deck Of Cards Linky


Converting Starpoints Into A Trip To Israel…

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Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Miles
Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Starpoints
What Makes The Starwood Amex The Best Credit Card To Carry And Earn Points With.

It seems like every week someone is asking how to use their Starpoints to get to Israel…so it’s high time I tackled the issue.
There are better values for Starpoints than using them to fly to Israel, but it is definitely an option.

1st off, here is the NYC-TLV reward rates and values per mile adapted from the “Miles” post.

Avg. Price-$1,000
Cathay Pacific*-60K Miles (1.67¢/mile)
Continental-70K Miles (1.43¢/mile)
AA*, United*-75K Miles (1.33¢/mile)
Delta-80K Miles (1.25¢/mile)


Avg. Price-$4,000
Continental, Cathay Pacific*-100K Miles (4.0¢/mile)
United*-115K Miles (3.47¢/mile)
Delta-120K Miles (3.33¢/mile)
AA*-135K Miles (2.96¢/mile)

Avg. Price-$9,000
Cathay Pacific*, United*-140K Miles (6.43¢/mile)
AA*-180K Miles (5.0¢/mile)

*=Travel will be with an alliance partner.

OK, so currently Starpoints transfer into AA, Cathay Pacific, and Delta at a ratio of at a rate of 20,000 starpoints-25,000 miles.
(Continental and United are 20,000 starpoints=15,000 miles or 20,000=20,000 with Starwood direct deposit)

Option A:
With the transfer bonus 50,000 Starpoints will net you 60,000 Cathay Pacific miles, enough for the Round Trip to Israel.

Option B:
You can also use those same 60,000 Cathay Pacific miles and book yourself a business class ticket from the US to anywhere in Europe and then fly a cheap flight into Israel.

Option C:
Look into the Nights AND Flights option detailed in the “Getting The Most Value Out Of Your Starpoints” Post.

Stay tuned for a post in which I will explain the intricacies of Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles!


HOT! USB VOIP Phone With Backlit LCD For Free+Shipping After Rebate!

“With its cool blue backlight LCD display, this VoIP phone shows who you who’s calling, received calls, missed calls, Skype balance and more!”
USB VOIP Phone Linky
$29.99 Rebate Linky



Offer Details Linky-No Coupon Required.


HOT!!! Lowest Price Ever! Garmin Nuvi 350 Ultra-Portable GPS Navigation System For Just $350 From Costco.com!

Update 2: Hurry! Back In Stock!!!
Update: Sold Out!

Nuvi 350 Linky
Having used the nuvi 350 I can vouch that it is one of the best nav systems out there—it finds satellites very quickly and weighs just a couple ounces…
Best of all?
GPS systems weren’t included in the new 90 day costco return policy, so you can return this at any time if you don’t like it!


Today Only! List Your Items On Ebay For Just .20!

Ebay Linky



Remember to save money by using the right credit cards while flying Continental or Jetblue…
Also dont forget about the free Jetblue companion ticket offer!

Cleveland-Chicago-$70+ RT On AA

Hartford, CT-Phoenix-$78+ RT On Continental.

New York-Houston-$118+ RT On Continental or Jetblue.

Pittsburgh-Tucson-$138+ RT On Continental.



Reminder: Free Companion Tickets Must Be Booked By 03/31!
There’s still time to apply for a Jetblue card to catch this deal!

Have a Jetblue Amex?
You’re in luck!
You can bring along 1 companion for every Jetblue trip you take between April 24 and May 23 for free!
This offer even includes international destinations!

Jetblue Route Map Linky
-Tickets must be booked by March 31st.
-The primary cardholder must be one of the passengers.
You must book tickets via the phone at 800-JETBLUE, just ask for the Jetblue Amex free companion deal.

Remember to use your Jetblue Business Amex to save get a 5% rebate off the cost of all your Jetblue tickets!

Don’t have a Jetblue Amex?
There’s still time to get one for this promo!
Just wait for a couple days after you are approved and then call Amex to ask them to expedite the delivery of your credit card.
Plus your Jetblue credits won’t expire when you have any Jetblue Amex!
Jetblue Consumer Amex Linky
Jetblue Business Amex Linky

Read the Card Profile for a breakdown of card fees and benefits:
Jetblue Amex Credit Card Profile Linky

Jetblue LCC Roundup Linky


Free Times Select Access($50 Annual Value) If You Have A .edu Email Address!

Not quite as nice as the $35 Ticketmaster GC, but still…
Offer Linky


NYC-S. Fransisco For $158+ RT!

Save 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: Onepass

NYC-S. Fransisco-$158+ RT On Continental


Jetblue: "We’re Still Looking For Signs Of Life In Pittsburgh…"

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Signs Of Life” Article Linky

Apparently the residents of Pittsburgh have short-term memory loss.

When I went to high school there, tickets to NYC(or to anywhere for that matter) were monopolized by USAirways, who controlled some 95% of all PIT flights back then.

Understandably tickets were prohibitively expensive, in the $200 range for advance purchase tickets for the sub-1 hour hop to NYC(forget about if you didnt buy it 14 days in advance with a Saturday night stay).

Along came Airtran in 2001 to take on big bad USAir and offered $98 RT fares, which of course USAir matched.

By this point everyone forgot about Pre-Airtran prices and flew with USAir.

Airtran brought the RT price all the way down $58 before calling it quits the same year the service started. They cited lack of support from the Pittsburgh community for their flights. (Airtran would go on to shift their NYC flights to, and start a mini-hub in Akron, OH, driving down fares in Cleveland as a result…)

Of course once Airtran ended PIT-NYC service prices to NYC went up overnight.

Luckily for Pittsburgh, in 2006 Jetblue bought regional jets and decided that Pittsburgh was once again ready for NYC flights.

Unfortunately the same cycle is happening again, with Jetblue introducing flights at $98 RT before dropping them to $58 RT (Or even $24 RT for Ctown readers)

Speaking about Pittsburghers a Jetblue spokesman said, “JetBlue’s four daily flights to New York and two to Boston have many empty seats…They continue to fly US (Airways), but now they fly at the $59 fare vs. the $199 they charged before we entered the market”

-Why won’t Pittsburghers fly with the airline causing the low fares?
-Is Pittsburgh just not capable of supporting an LCC?

-Pittsburgh Ctownreaders-Support your LCC carriers: Use them or lose them(Believe me CLE will more than happy to have Jetblue)!


Megabus Expands Route Network!

Megabus, with its hub in Chicago is expanding.
How they are able to expand while offering $1 tickets is beyond me, but expanding they are.
The cheapest tickets ($1) are available when you book a few weeks in advance-the middle of the week is usually cheaper as well.

I found plenty of availability for tickets between Cleveland and Pittsburgh for just a buck!
New Megabus Route Map Linky

Thanks T.C.N. for the heads up!


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